November 7, 2009

The One with the DC, the Deer, and other Delightful Divulgences

What a terrific Friday and Saturday.
I had no idea a "business" visit to SAU would turn awesome.
We started out by meeting Kevin's Dad in the dining commons for lunch.
It was delicious.
And quite impressive.
Things have changed a lot since we were daily diners.
Is it weird if I wish I could eat there every day?
When 3 years ago I would have begged for anything else?
I'm not sure if everything is that much more amazing
(I think it is!)
or if I just like the novelty of it.
Maybe a little of both.

After meeting with so and so and the other guy about Kevin's education certification, we caught up with Dr. B.
It had been too long.
Plain and simple.
I miss having a good long sit down with the three of us.
He was a fantastic mentor to both of us.
Maybe one day we'll be back.

I left campus in time to meet Britt for dinner break at Walmart's Subway.
Getting to Walmart from campus is super easy.
I did it a million times.
But I missed my exit.
And made a wrong turn.
Or three.
I called Kevin twice.
To get directions to a place I used to know like the back of my hand.
What in the world?!
I was so embarrassed.
I almost cried at my sheer stupidity.
And besides that I was wasting the few precious minutes to hang out with my bff.
Whom I hadn't seen in something like four months.
I finally arrived.
It was a good 45 minutes.
Especially the part about the ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies fresh from Subway's oven.
Oh. my.
The happiness of it.

I made it back to campus with not a problem.
I apparently had gotten over the mental block of driving directions in my old stomping ground.
I picked Kevin up from the ultimate frisbee game.
That was a bit of an ordeal.
Every sign along the road read "no stopping, standing or parking."
So how in the world was I going to get his attention.
He couldn't hear me shouting.
Or whistling.
Or calling his cell phone.
I drove around and around.
Hoping he'd be looking for me.
Finally, one of the guys called him for me and we were on our way.
After deciding with Nick and Britt that we would have a sleepover later that night.
I love the one time each year that I'm spontaneous.

Before that party started, though, we had plans for dinner with Mom & Dad E.
It was a really wonderful time to sit and catch up.
I think I like being an adult.
It's good times.
In fact, I think I like that I'm finally allowed to be an adult.
After spending my whole childhood wishing I could just sit and talk with my mom and her friends.
I don't know if that's lame.
Or really mature.
Maybe both.
In any case, we had a delicious home cooked dinner.
and great talks.

I was getting uber tired when...
I forgot about the deer.
On the way to Kevin's parents' house, the sun was just starting to set.
It was dusk.
Prime time for dear in Michigan.
Which I completely neglected to remember.
As I was driving (which is strange for us, but I had picked Kevin up from frisbee, 'member?),
Kevin suddenly started yelling,
Instantly I hit the break, still not seeing why I was stopping.
As he continued shouting, I kept applying more pressure to the pedal.
Then I saw the deer.
On the left side of the road.
About 10 feet from the car.
Getting ready to run out in front of us.
Harder and harder I slammed on the breaks.
I burned rubber.
I've never hit the breaks so hard.
It was so. scary.
I had to swerve at the last second.
I almost nicked his back end with the front right bumper.
That was close.
way. too. close.
I was totally shook up.
But Kevin was really proud of my reaction time.
Especially given that I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing.
He asked if he should do something differently next time.
I said, "No. You scared the crap out of me, but I'd rather that then be scared to death and then actually run over the dear."
In a Civic.
At 55 mph.
We could have died.
I'd rather not experience that again.

As I was saying, we had a lovely time with family.
Then by 9pm I was wondering if I was going to be able to stay awake for time with friends.
I resolved to do so.
It was a great time with Britt & Nick.
It was casual.
We wore their sweats.
We watched The Proposal.
(Good movie. Very funny.)
I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
(The taste you can see.)
The boys went to get pizza, but the place that was open said they were closed.
I was glad I wasn't the first one (for once in my life) to say I was tired and wanted to go to bed.
We went to our guest bedroom at 1:30am.
Slept in till 9:30.
Glory be.
We all chatted for a while more.
Left at 11.
It was just seriously good times.
Much needed.
It was just all good times

And today is absolutely stunning.
Did we skip winter?
Cause it smells like spring now?
I really want to get outside again, but I don't feel like moving at the same time.
I don't want to waste this opportunity.
But I have no clue what I feel like doing if not lounging in my sweats.

On an even more fabulous note, the amazing Emily Smith has posted a preview of our family portrait session on her blog.
(It's the third entry down on November 7th.)
You must check them out.
I'm in love.
And you won't want to miss the full collection.


  1. Mel - I love the pics of your parents, and the ones of just you and Ash!!

    Also I'm glad you stayed awake! All your readers should be totally surprised by the time you went to bed and got up!

  2. I grew up in Michigan (petoskey) so I've hit a few deer in my day! :) i love michigan! so you are a youth leader in the detroit area? what church? I know some pastor's in detroit, in fact we interviewed at a church there about 3 years ago... :) love finding MI friends! we will be hitting cabela's on our way up 23 this week actually. :)


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