November 14, 2009

The One with the Sidewalks

I am bursting at the seams
I feel like a proud parent of sorts.
My Bible quizzers (a team of three) won ALL three of their quizzes today.
Capturing the FIRST place trophy!
One of the team members experienced his first quiz last month.
Today he quizzed out in two of the rounds!
(Meaning he answered the maximum of 5 questions per teammate per round.)
And the other two teammates were at their very first official quiz of all time.
They didn't think they knew anything.
They were nearly shaking with nervousness.
But they proved to be irreplaceable parts of a great team!
I am so extremely proud.
SO proud.

And not only did their rounds of quizzing go wonderfully, but Kevin and I just really love spending the whole day with such high quality teens.
They're great!
And they happen to like hanging around us, too.
Not sure why, but I'm sure glad. :)

Besides the wins and the fun, today also happened to be in the 70s.
Beautifully sunny.
Perfect weather.
Twice during the quiz day I was able to head outside.
Soak in the sun while walking around a block or two of a neighborhood that seemed to have an endless supply of sidewalks.
This makes me miss suburbia.
I grew up with sidewalks.
Nice neighborhoods where you could ride your bike.
Walk safely (not half a foot from passing cars.)
Stand between your house and your neighbors', spread out of your arms and nearly touch both houses at once.
Close knit, trusting neighbors.
Maybe out of necessity, but nonetheless.
It was great having friends a few doors down.
Hearing a knock on your door and a little voice saying, "Can Melanie come out and play?"
Picture perfect.
I loved that.
And it's been years since I had that.
Spring Arbor is a neighborhood all it's own.
A totally different sort of suburbia.
A Christian college town.
And we have nice neighbors here but no sidewalks.
And traffic racing by at 45 or 55 mph.
I just plain miss sidewalks.
Is that a crime? :)

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  1. Yippee. Way to go Bible quiz team. Oh Mel,your memories of our old neighborhood make us smile and laugh while you


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