November 17, 2009

The One with the Trilogy of Pancakes

So many things.

We signed up for yet another health insurance plan.
After Kevin's contract at WSU ran out, we lost HAP coverage.
Which I'm really sad about.
Because it was phenomenal.
So we're back with Blue Cross.
It's a great plan.
But paying $300 a month for issues that may or may not be issues is really painful.
Mostly because of the whole uncertain income thing.
But we can't risk it.
And God will provide.
He always has.
Always will.

I have been whipping up the most fantastic pancakes this last week.
Every morning, we've been trying to have a more filling and more nutritious breakfast.
To help stave off the mid morning munchies.
It's been working.
The whole wheat walnut banana pancakes were a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
THE fluffiest pancakes I've ever eaten in my entire life.
I made those again yesterday. sans walnuts.
Still amazing.
Today we tried a new whole wheat oat pancake.
Again. perfection.
I love whole wheat.
(I'm on a whole wheat kick if you can't tell.
It's heavenly after 7 months gluten free.)
I love oats.
I love pancakes.
It's just good.

I have fingernails.
I mean, I've always have fingernails.
My hand aren't freaky.
But I have only had nice, feminine fingernails once or twice in my life.
I have had a problem with nail biting for approximately 20 years.
Probably since I had teeth.
And I have lots of problems because of this bad habit.
Such as the "W" word.
But that's a story for the next paragraph.
So I'm not sure when or why this happened.
I didn't resolve to stop biting my nails.
It just happened.
One day I had nails.
Nails longer than the tips of my fingers.
And I'm happy.
So excited.
But I need to get used to these things.
They can double as weapons.
And they have. Totally on accident.
Sorry, babe.

And about the "W" word.
They're dying!
Completely and totally on their own.
They had spread all over my hands.
It was getting disgusting.
Even for me.
But I just couldn't bring myself to go to the doctor about it.
Especially now that we have no extra money for luxuries such as "W" removal.
But God--my Physician--is taking care of them without anyone's help.
Mine included.
I think I'm even more excited about this than I am about my lovely nails!

We finished Hobbitses last night.
Yes, I call The Hobbit "Hobbitses."
Because Gollum does.
And I think adding an "s" to words makes them adorable.
But we finished.
Kevin had read it before.
He wanted to read it again.
And I really wanted to read it for the first time.
So I read it aloud to him.
And can I just say J.R.R. Tolkein is an astounding author.
I absolutely positively loved this story.
And not just the greatness of Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves and Smaug and Gandalf.
But Tolkein's writing style is just plain entertaining.

It was so much fun.
My "reading aloud" skills have improved tremendously.
I can't wait to start the next book.
Neither of us have read Jane Austen so that's a must.
And I'm leaning that way because hearing something he's not read before will keep Kevin's attention better. :)
But I also need to read the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.


  1. totally feel ya on the health insurance thing. i'm paying $450/month right now... it's absurd.

    also... i think i'm going to make these banana walnut pancakes... they sound amazing!

  2. I highly recommend "Jane Eyre" as well.

  3. You're much braver than I in many ways... reading an epic novel aloud? I'd be doing books like "See Spot" and "Green Eggs and Ham"

    But I've always been terrible at reading out loud, because I was hooked on phonics. If you ever have children, don't curse them with that. I'm 31, lead a Sunday School class, can speak in front of college classes, teach doctors CPR... but still hate reading anything to anyone because I'm afraid I'll mess up an "easy" word.

  4. Jane Eyre is one of my all-time favorite books! And you reminded me that I mentioned to Kevin that it was a "must read"!


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