November 21, 2009

The One with the Grinch Who Hates My Extra Long Birthday

My birthday has extended into the weekend.
Besides Nevercast singing me "happy birthday" from the stage, my husband continued to love on me in extra special ways.
Today he went on a walk in the park with me.
It was the best.
I ended up running by myself back to the car because his foot injury flared up.
But I really appreciated his effort to make me crazy happy.
Then, this afternoon, Ohio State won THE game against the University of Michigan.
The biggest rivals in college football.
And my team won for the 6th season in a row.
Happy birthday to me.
(And yes, I actually paid attention 80% of the time.
I'm beginning to make sense of football.
Though I still say 4 hours is just too long.)
Tonight we had homemade pizza.
My first slice in months.
And watched Remember the Titans.
My favorite.
I can seriously quote every line in the entire movie.
So can Kevin.
You don't want to watch this film with us.

Oh, and more on the OSU versus U of M game.
Back in October for Pastors' Appreciation month, we were each given a tshirt.
Commemorating this game.
And detailing the last decades of the tradition.
Since the sizes were an XL and a M, I decided Kevin should have the medium.
And I'd morph mine into a size able night shirt and/or crazy long mini-dress tshirt thing.
It worked.
I pinned it in on myself.
And stitched it up.
It's a bit rudimentary.
But it works.
And it actually looks pretty cute I think.
All cinched up and gathered.
I wore it in public.
So at least I'm hoping I'm not crazy.

And before the game and after our walk, I decided to pamper myself.
Glenda, the church's secretary totally spoiled me.
I couldn't believe she got me a birthday present.
It was so sweet of her.
There was Midnight Pomegranite body cream from Bath and Body Works.
Along with two gorgeous glass jars of bubble bath.
One for stress relief and relaxation.
And one for "sleepy time."
I figured since I was still exhausted from the youth rock concert Friday night, an extra dose of "sleep" wasn't what I needed.
But relaxation was (and always is) right up my alley.
So for the first time since moving here, I drew myself a hot bath.
Full of eucalyptus suds.
And filled the room with the sounds of Christmas.
It was absolutely glorious.
I'm not normally a "bath" person.
I'm in too much of a hurry to relax like that.
And I didn't want to lay in a tub where I knew other people had bathed.
But after last week's intensive bleaching of the tub, I felt the germs were sufficiently tackled.
I am so glad I deep cleaned.
I needed that bath.

My ears are still ringing.
Our youth group hosted a concert at the church last night.
It was a fundraiser for our Summer '10 mission trip.
The bands came free of charge.
We fed them dinner and they were content.
The band members were simply awesome to hang out with.
We had a blast talking with them.
I loved Matt Moore's music.
Nevercast was great, but a bit too "hard" for my taste.
Burn the Ships is straight up screamo.
Which is straight up NOT my thing.
But the teens loved it.
We all had a blast.
It was a long night though.
Kevin and I and the Kaufman's were at the church before 5.
And we left at quarter till 11.
And I'm not kidding about my ears.
They're STILL ringing.

And what's with the sun.
This week it's felt like 6 o'clock when it's only 2:30pm.
And we ate dinner at 5:30pm tonight and I could have sworn it was 8.
Ahh, yes. Winter. It's coming.

Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!
It's on tv right now!
I remember as a kid that movie seemed to be hours long.
But it's less than 30 minutes.
Such a classic.
I can't not watch.

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  1. we watched a Christmas movie already too - The Christmas Wish - a TV Special with Neil Patrick Harris!


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