November 30, 2009

The One with the New Hat

I have been running on the YMCA's bike path this last week.
It's felt so. good.
I am beginning to realize that I feed off of other people's workouts.
Not in a creepy way.
But in a "hey, I'm not the only one in the world kicking my own butt right now."
It's a strangely encouraging feeling.
And I like passing people.
Knowing I'm doing well.
And seeing others who are waaaaaaay more experienced (errr..disciplined) than I am.
That spurs me on.
And the chill in the air.
It's just perfection.
I'm freezing for the first 10 minutes but then it's glorious.
And watching the sun rise.
Nothing beats it.
Even if it is blinding me.

My ping pong skills have increased at a surprising rate these last 2 weeks.
You see, up until a month ago, I stunk.
Totally and completely.
I stayed away from the ping pong table that was in my youth group room in high school.
I knew it wouldn't be pretty.
Especially with everyone watching.
Kevin convinced me to play with him a few times way back when.
His grandparents have a table in their basement.
And sure enough.
No good.
I couldn't keep the stupid little ball on the table.
I blamed it on "depth perception."
And the white walls. Blending in with the white edge lines.
Those were probably just lies.

Now we have a ping pong table.
Well, since last November when my dad donated it to the youth group room.
Kevin is always wanting to play.
And I always groan.
I never feel like playing ping pong.
Running after the ball is not fun for me.
I decided to try to serve my husband in a language he understands.
And I knew that meant asking him to play ping pong with me.
I did this.
Many times.
It worked.
He was very happy with me.
Get this.
I'm becoming a really good ping pong player.
You'll never believe it.
I'm starting to like playing with him.

We helped paint the church fellowship hall last night.
That too was fun.
In a very different way.
The teens volunteered to help with the Christmas decorating of the sanctuary as well as with any painting left in the fellowship hall.
A group had worked all Saturday getting the first coat on this large room.
Around many windows.
Two of the workers were our teens.
Way to go!
So last night was a real encouragement to me.
Seeing teenagers work alongside the adults of the church.
This is what I've been hoping for.
And now we can all say this was our project.
That felt good.

Know what else felt good?
Besides running.
And painting.
And ping ponging.

Vacuuming both of our cars out this morning.
Opening the mailbox to find a package.
From one of my best friends.
For my birthday.
A gorgeous hand crocheted hat & scarf.

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  1. Great job running!! :) Good for you! And, I want to see a picture of the hat! :) it sounds so cute. what a fun late birthday present.


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