November 5, 2009

The One Asking for More Advice

Having my husband home all day is different.
It's taken some getting used to.
I'm not gonna lie.
It makes me realize the extent of my anal retentive daily scheduling.
Knowing he's here just throws me for a loop.
I'm like a chicken with my head cut off.
What to do? What to do?
What do I normally do?
How do I get things done?
It's weird.
But it's also wonderful.
I'm fairly certain it'll be at least 30 years before we experience this "all day togetherness."
As in, after he retires.
And our children have moved out.
So we're enjoying it.
He's a great help as I work through youth group items and as I begin laying down piano lesson policies.
I like being able to talk things through with him as I think of them.
And not having to remember to talk to him about such and such.

Speaking of piano lessons, I think I'm ready.
Ready to start expanding my list of students.
I think I'm most comfortable teaching a beginner.
Versus someone who knows quite a bit of piano.
That brings into question how they have been taught.
And if I can keep up.
And so on.
But I officially formatted my lesson policies so I have a regulated format by which to instruct each student.
This way there's not the temptation to do something for this student that I really rather not do.
It's on paper.
For all to see.
And I'm going to be talking with the Pastor about the possibility of announcing or posting my lesson information in church sometime soon.
I might look into newspaper ads too.
And if you know of anyone in my area interested in lessons, point them my way.
Obviously God knew we'd need this income before we did.
Thank you, Jesus, for preparing me for this work.
I pray I will make you proud.

Have you heard of Operation Christmas Child?
I can't even remember the first time I filled a shoebox with my family.
I was probably 8 years old.
I've been packing shoeboxes and sending them overseas each year since then.
I absolutely love this ministry.
And Kevin and I have been continuing the tradition each Christmas.
One year we didn't buy one another gifts--only packed boxes together.
I think we might do that again this Christmas.
In fact, we've just decided to go shopping today!
We've been working with the youth group on this mission as well.
Encouraging them to save their money to fill their boxes.
Go without that candy bar or that new shirt or that pop at the restaurant.
And bless someone who has nothing.
How cool is that?

I appreciate all of the camera advice I've received.
Though we probably won't be making a purchase any time soon, I love collecting information.
In fact, even I was serious about buying a camera right now, it wouldn't actually mean right now.
It would mean a few months from now.
After I asked everyone I know.
After I've shopped every venue.
Read every review.
I don't make hasty decisions.
I can't make a quick choice if my life depended on it.
It's one my flaws. Or gifts.
Depends on how you look at it.
So in the meantime, feel free to continue educating me with your camera expertise.

And speaking of advice, I have been looking into a protein drink supplement.
I don't think I get near enough protein in my diet to repair all the muscles I've torn up during my daily workouts.
And what protein I do get tends to be the high calorie/fat protein--like nuts and peanut butter.
And I just don't need extra fat.
I think the right amount of protein would have a great affect on my body and my energy.
But I don't just want to get sucked into to a product that is dangerous in any way.
I want this to be a healthy choice.
And I wonder if anyone out there has any advice.
Pro or con.
Particular products.
Anything at all.


  1. Did you get my Direct Messages about the protein powder?

    I suggest you get a Polaroid. :)

  2. This is my protein drink recommendation. It also comes in chocolate :). It's what I drank while I was pregnant and in need of protein to build another person:

    Also, your intense shopping researching is soooo much like your dad! See, you've got a little bit of him too!

    Love you!

  3. Jared & I like the Optimum Standard Whey Protein. You can find it here or at GNC. It comes in a ton of flavors, but we generally get vanilla. I add it to milk and frozen fruit to make a smoothie every morning. I love it.

    Plus, if you order from, they generally send you coupons. That makes me happy :)

  4. Oh, and its gluten free, incase you were worried about that!


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