November 19, 2009

The One with the Birthday Account

Not sure if you noticed my updated WFMW post.
After announcing the goodness that is free DQ and Coldstone, I was informed of at least three more venues with Birthday Clubs.
I signed up on the evening of the 18th.
In hopes that I would still reap the benefits of restaurants on my birthday.
Just a few hours away.
I knew it was wishful thinking.
But guess what?!
Two out of three restaurant emails were waiting in my inbox this morning!
Three cheers for a free stir fry at BD's Mongolian BBQ.
And a free gourmet burger from Red Robin.
(That "yum" is from the commercial.
I've never actually been to Red Robin.
But my mouth waters every time I see an ad.
I'm a sucker for a good burger.
And fries.
Bad habits, really.)

It's official.
I feel as though I've finally reached the age of an adult.
I'm twenty-four (24).
I believe I've acted like an adult for approximately 9 years now.
And I also believe I still don't look like an adult.
There are definite downfalls to the "baby face."
But, as my Gram's friends have informed me, I'll appreciate that in about 30 years.
Nonetheless, I think I'm out of the post-high-school-college-age group.
I think.
In fact, I've just decided.
I'm not gonna lie, I totally understand why Timothy writes what he does in his first letter.
Chapter 4.
Verse 12.
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an example for the believers
in speech,
in life,
in love,
in faith
and in purity."
It's hard being a leader when you look like you're 12.
But alas, I press on.
And I'm so thankful to be 24.

Although you want to know something funny?
A month ago, Mom and I were talking about my birthday.
And she said, "You're only going to be 24? It's seems like you're older than that."
I'm not sure how to react to that. :)
Not sure how my mother could add years on to my life.
But I am glad she seems to think I'm older (acting older) than I am.

Unbeknownst to me, Kevin had set his phone alarm for midnight on the 18th.
It's his tradition to wish me "happy birthday" as the clock strikes twelve.
(Freshmen year of college--pre-dating--he called me room.
I had to take out my retainer to answer.
Sophomore year he called from outside my bedroom window.
He met me with a kiss and a 1 pound Hershey bar with Almonds.
My favorite.
Junior year he threw a tennis ball at my window.
Over and over again.
I was confused and annoyed.
At first.
Then I was giddy.
Senior year he used the tennis ball trick again.
Which was riskier given the state of my on-campus house.
Not so sturdy.
By this time, I was expecting it.
Still thought it was adorable.
And met him on the front porch.
He gave me my present--the ESV Bible I had requested.
We exchanged Bibles that year.
Last year, I'm pretty sure he woke me at midnight as per usual.
But honestly I can't remember.)
But this year we didn't get to bed until 11, so he opted to tell me early and not have our sleep disturbed.
At 5:15am Kevin rolled over and whispered "Happy Birthday."

When my lazy bones finally rolled out of bed at 8am, he told me his potential plans for the day.
Make a delicious breakfast together.
Go for a walk in the park with me.
(I'm constantly asking for that!)
Shop for the ingredients for whatever dessert I want to make.
Make the dessert together.
Watch Remember the Titans after worship team practice.

Are those not the sweetest plans in the world?
He just wanted to spend time with me all day.
It's my thing.
And we still spent all day together.
But most of his plans didn't go as planned.

I worked out later than usual.
So we didn't have time to make breakfast before his meeting to get his substitute teaching certification.
Those coupons changed Kevin's plans a bit.
But believe me, he was totally stoked.
He came back and really wanted to take me to BD's Mongolian BBQ.
We headed up I-275 and had a lovely lunch together.
He loves BD's.
And so do I.
But it's a rare occasion that we get to dine at said Mongolian BBQ.
Because it's just plain expensive.
I mean, yeah, it's unlimited.
It's amazing.
But at $14.99 per dinner buffet, it's just not something we like to afford more than once a year.
In fact, I think the last time we ate at BD's was my birthday last year.
And I'm pretty sure I wore the same exact shirt.
But I hadn't worn it since.
And Kevin figured the restaurant people wouldn't remember.
So I wore it anyways.
But back to the coupon.
I got an all you can eat buffet for FREE!
And since we went at lunch, Kevin's was $12.99.
And we both got water.
Because that's what we do.
Well, it's what I've always done.
I've since converted Kevin to the frugal way of dining.
And yes, he's converted me to the "good tipper" way of life.
I was a bit of a stingy tipper before.
But we gave our waiter the tip as if we had paid for both meals.
It was an amazing meal.
I have to say, we're both pretty awesome at stir fry creations.

And then we walked around IKEA.
Just because.
Because I hadn't been there in a few months.
And because we didn't have money to spend, it was a rather short trip.
But, hey, I can dream, right?

It was nearly dark by the time we got home.
Around 4pm.
I couldn't decide what I did or did not want for dessert.
So I didn't get any dessert.
(It's really hard to want to be spoiled on your birthday with tons of calories but really really not wanting to undo all your self-control from the last couple weeks.)
I was overcome with my emotions (which had been running rampant all day, I must admit).
I went to bed to sulk for a while.
He came in and snuggled for a few minutes.
We went to worship practice.
Pastor Dale and Chris had brought me a CAKE!
It was so nice!
So I got cake after all.
(Had we made a dessert earlier, I wouldn't have wanted to eat that cake.
So it worked out.)
We came back after setting up for Friday's concert.
And decided to put on Remember the Titans.
I was being lame and whining much of the night.
After all those nice efforts, I almost managed to ruin them.
But alas, I have a forgiving husband.
I love him.
And I know he loves me.
Though sometimes I'm really not sure why.


  1. Mel-

    I'm glad you had an enjoyable birthday! You MUST try Red Robin. Their burgers are amazing, and their fries are to die for! They are the "flat" steak fries and they are not only unlimited, but they come with delicious parmesan-ranch dressing. Most of the time I get a wrap, but every now and then, an A1 burger is necessary! :-)

  2. Don't worry, the baby-face thing will eventually pass.


    I used to get that all the time. When I was 20 or 21, someone asked me (in the middle of working a trauma) if I was old enough to be there... attempting to save a family member's life. Yeh.

    A few weeks ago, the kids in my youth group so kindly informed me that they thought I was "like 40, at least". At the ripe old age of 31. Ouch, the pendulum swung a little too far.

    I'm a HUGE fan of BD's, but Red Robin is better. Of course, I'm a big burger fan, so the stir fry loses by default.

    Sorry things didn't go quite as planned on your birthday, but looking at the list of things that you did get to do, it sounds like you had a very good day.


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