November 10, 2009

The One with the Tuesday, the WFMW, and other Pivotal Thoughts

Update: I just need you to know that I'm really hoping I win.
This is a great prize.
I've never seen a giveaway like it.
A Bob Evans Farmhouse Feast!!
Thanks, $5 Dinner Mom!

God is answering my prayers.
I have needed someone.
A woman who understands.
Who knows what I'm going through.
Struggling with.
Why the victories are so thrilling.
The failures so devasting.
A woman who is dealing with the same.
Who wants to grow.
To learn.
To press on.
Thank you, God, for listening.

The monthly pastor's morning in SA was great.
It had been months since I was last able to make it.
And I was encouraged.
Not only did I resist the cinnamon rolls.
But I met up with some great old and new friends.
(I'm finally feeling "known.")
I was moved to action by the Superintendent's message on discipleship.
And I absolutely loved the time in our breakout groups.
With the other youth pastors in the conference.
For the last year I've felt like the odd guy (slash-only girl) out.
I was completely untrained.
Brand new.
Slashing around fiercely to stay afloat.
No clue what I was doing youth pastor.
For the first time (well, since the NYWC), I felt like I had something to contribute.
I had a few experiences under my belt.
Some good ideas.
And most importantly I had gained confidence.
My fellow youth pastors (one of which is a woman...yay!) were listening to my thoughts.
Directing questions my way.
What in the world?
It was a new sensation.
It was encouraging.
And having some fantastic brainstorming time together was just plain great.
We simply cannot do this alone.

How did I not know about the gloriousness that is Quiznos?!
I had been to this lovely little sub shop once or twice.
When it was a novelty in my small "city."
Probably around 2002 or so.
But I remember the options being slim.
The sizes smaller (than Subway).
The prices (sans coupons) much greater than comparable sub joints.
But on our way home from the monthly pastor's meeting in the Arbor, Pastor Dale generously offered to buy us lunch.
He chose Quiznos.
I wasn't sure what to expect.
but I was pleasantly surprised.
The menu was quite vast.
Prices were varied.
Options and combinations were nearly endless.
I settled on the Italiano "Sammy" on flatbread.
And Oh. My. Word.
Was it every amazing?!
I'm drooling all over my keyboard as I recall it's amazingness.
It was just the right size.
The amount of bread wasn't overwhelming (as tends to be the case with sub buns.)
The toppings were, well, perfectly Italian.
The pesto dressing was a surprise of goodness.
And choosing to throw extra banana peppers and jalapenos on top just made it perfect.
all that for something like $2.39.
And you can do the 2 for $5.00 (like at Panera only cheaper).
With salads. Sammies. Subs. or Soups.
Oh! And we highly recommend the chili.
That was certainly not the last time we will visit the Q.

For something completely different. And brief. And cryptic.
I recently developed some crazy new ideas in my head.
Stuff that would never in a million years occur to me on my own.
Thus, I believe them to be from God.
But what does He mean?
I shall wait.
And something that works for me?
I proved it this morning.
We needed to return something to Aldi.
And another something to Kohls.
(Coincidently my two favorite stores.)
I opened my desk drawer.
Found the receipt file folder.
Opened it up and sorted through the last two months worth of receipts.
I found exactly what I was looking for in no less than .45 minutes.
Keeping receipts (for at least a year).
In one folder.
In one drawer.
Works for me.
You never know when you're going to wish you had saved (or could find) that darn receipt!
Especially now that holidays are approaching and that brings gift giving and receiving.
And returning.
Because it broke.
Or didn't fit.
Or you just weren't thrilled about the penguin and unicorn sweater.


  1. I guess I should return that sweater I got you for your birthday! :-)

  2. Mel, I think that sub sounds wonderful. . . banana bell and jalapeños . . mmmmmmmmm!

  3. I knew I liked you! I LOVE LOVE Aldi and Kohls! :) I even posted about Aldi one time. so fun! And, I keep all of our recpts. Great habits! :) Glad your meeting went well. That can be overwhelming to be new and one of the only girls. I've got some stories about that! :) have a rest of the week!


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