December 1, 2009

The One with a Christmas Song

I love December.
I love hats.
And snow.
And skiing.
And Christmas music.
And I really want to win this Chris Tomlin stocking.
I love Chris Tomlin.
Well, his music at least.
Our relationship is completely platonic.
Or more like non-existent.

I was just listening to Point of Grace's A Christmas Story cd.
It's one of my favorites.
Ever since one of my roommates, Emily, introduced it to me.
It "means" Christmas.
I'm singing "O Holy Night" as a duet with Sheena on Christmas Eve.
I'm so excited! It's been forever since I've had someone to really sing with.
So I've been blasting track 6 to learn all the harmony parts.
And the song that came on next is "Emmanuel, God with us."
It has the most amazing message.
I've sung it a million times.
But today it brought me to tears.
So good.
Take a listen.
Experience the reality of Christmas.
And show the hope of God to the world.

Here is my amazing hat & scarf.
A gift from Elizabeth.
How beautiful are they?!

I was thinking the other day.
(Strange, I know.)
I wish I lived next door to Kristi or Jen.
Cause then I would have a running friend.
They're both way better than me but not crazy intense which would intimidate me.
I've never really run with anyone.
Well, once or twice with Brooke.
But I think that would be great.
I would also like a Y membership.
I'm a fan of workout classes.
And I could meet new people that way.
And use the ellipticals and treadmills and weights.
But alas, I'm not sure if that will happen.
So for now, I'll brave the chill in the air for some running.
And of course, I always have my personal trainer, Jillian.
She really is great.
In fact, whenever I see her on a show I think, "Hey! That's my friend Jillian."
Oh geez, Mel.
That's not embarrassing at all.

We just got back from the Shoe Dept. and Walmart.
Buying Kevin running shoes.
And sweats.
Yeah. running shoes.
He is getting prepared to come with ME!
I'm excited beyond belief.
And hoping his knee won't act up.
And so excited!
I've been asking him to run with me for...oh...5 years now.
There is a fine line between nagging and asking though, people.
Be very careful.
I flirted with that line at times.
But my patience is about to pay off.
The sacrifice I have to make is going when he wants to go.
That is, 5:00 in the morning.
But I'm totally ok with that.
I love you, Husband!


  1. the hat and scarf are adorable! :) I hope your hubby likes running with you. Jeremy suprised me and enjoys working out now too! :)

  2. Well I wish I lived next to YOU. Because then we could run together...and then you could teach me to cook and bake scrumptious, delicious goodness!!! :)

    And PS--I'd barely call myself intense. Lately I've been lucky to get a mile or 2 in before I decide to walk. Hahaha.

    PPS--Um, that Point of Grace Christmas album. yeah, it's one of my all time favorites. Oh, and you should listen to Sara Groves Christmas album. It's like my #2 all time favorite. Not even kidding.

  3. J'adore Point of Grace Chrismas...


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