May 14, 2009

The One with the Smattering

I'm busy.  Busy packing for two weeks away from two distinct climates...for two unique purposes.  Saturday I will be picked up by my second family (correction: third family if you count the Eccles as second, but I kind of consider them my real family in addition to my blood family.  But I digress.)--the Austins--are picking me up and taking me home with them to Canada where I am spending the week.  Britt and I haven't spent more than a day together for a year (!!) so we're both pretty pumped about this.  I get to be with her for two of her showers as well as helping her and her mom get together the last minute wedding details.  Fun!  Kevin will come up Thursday or Friday and I'll relocate with him to our "room" for the weekend--the Austin's camper. :D  Then of course there is the wedding!  I could go on and on about that but I'll save that for a later date.  

Sunday after the newly married couple opens gifts, Kevin will drive me to the Detroit airport and I'll be off for Florida where I'm spending a week with my grandma and my mom.  How fun is that?!  

I'm kind of exhausted now, so I'm signing off.  But not before I mention that my tests for Celiac disease came back negative.  The doctor is still prescribing the gluten free diet (which I'm in total agreement about!) and diagnosing me with a gluten intolerance.  Basically it's a food allergy which means I'm not damaging my intestines if I do mess up the diet.  I'll just suffer a few rather uncomfortable consequences.  But I'm happy.  And so are my insides. 

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