May 3, 2009

The One with a Rant of Sorts

I'm home. 
When I should be at church.
I hate having to decide to miss church.  I have responsibilites.  I have connections.  I have peoples' expectations.  But I also have a 7 day flu or sinus infection or a combination of the two.  Just when I think I'm back to normal, BAM!  it knocks me back off my feet.   I've been fighting this nasty enemy for six days now.  The symptoms go in waves.  Intense waves.  Painfully sore throat...leading to aching ear.  An endless supply of nasal cavity fluids...which happen to be very colorful.  Headaches.  Body aches.  Mood swings.  And more.  

But then I feel better.  

But then I feel worse.  

I really hope I didn't infect any of the hundreds (exaggeration?  I'm not really sure...) of people I've been around this last week--shopping with, eating with, etc.  

And that, my friends, is why I am relegated to my home today.  On this--the most gorgeous day--the day when I don't know what to do with my life if I'm not at church.  But alas, I musn't infect all those nice people at church...especially with our high gray haired population.  They don't fight things like they could when they were young whipper snappers like me.  (Which apparently I am not, because I contract any and all illnesses which may or may not be circulating.) 


I really want to go for a long walk in this sunny warmth.  I have trouble "resting."  


  1. I also hate missing church. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. If you have what I had you should be finishing up with the cold in about a week! I'm finally feeling normal-ish.

  3. Ugh I'm sorry you're sick. I always say a good walk on a nice day is good for the body and the soul :)


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