May 12, 2009

The One with the Delay Due to Exhaustion

The weekend was fabulous.  Fast. Filled. and Fabulous.  Mom arrived around 4:30pm Friday after Kevin and I had spent a nice afternoon at home and we whisked her off with us to Kevin's family's house.  We had a great dinner with them with good conversation and a perfect Mother's Day/Birthday gift exchange.  Both of the Mothers' three kids (either Brian, Kevin and I or Ash, Kevin and I) gave our moms a piece of jewelry from the Kay's "Journey" collection.  His mom was given a white sapphire necklace in white gold and my mom was given a 5 (small) diamond ring in yellow gold.  They both loved their treasures!

My mom, his mom, Aunt Ruth and I headed to SBC late Friday night to get some food refridgerated and tables set up for the Saturday bridal shower.  That night I didn't get in bed until around midnight and couldn't fall asleep.  The rest of the night was unusually torturous with a full hour from 2-3am wide awake, extremely warm and uncomfortable temperatures (for me at was downstairs frozen to death), and wanting to get up at 5:45 just so the night would be over.  *sigh*  I never have such rough nights.  So that was definitely lame.  

Despite the lack of sleep, Britt's shower went off without a hitch and we had a wonderful time.  I was proud of my spread of food and how well my planning came together.  I'll have to share pictures as soon as I get copies of them off my Mother in law's camera.  The small group of 13 had a great time of fellowship and barely had time to finish gift openings before we needed to clean up and turn over to the 50th Wedding Open house at 3pm.

By the time the open house reception rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted and barely able to function.  I only knew about 10% of the attendees which made it a bit difficult to fake alertness, but I think I pulled it off decently.  :)  Over all, spending time with family was great.  I got to catch up with my cousin (in law), Elise and we had many good converations. I also learned so much about Gma and Gpa Arvidson's love and the beginning of their relationship--so special!

For the first time in 4 years, I spent Mother's Day with my mom!  I was thrilled to be able to introduce her to the special people we are friends with at Monroe and who doesn't love a Mother's Day potluck!  After church, Kevin, Mom, and I shared some good bonding conversation time.

I think I'm still trying to catch up on sleep as I'm completely unable to remember anything else I was meaning to share here.  I'll just have to do that later.  In the mean time check out a few new recipes over yonder.  The salsa recipe is especially simple!


  1. Hey - I tried to ask the little old lady that I work with on Tuesday about her marriage - to get advice etc.... she didn't get it tho. However she did tell me her husband passed away almost 20 years ago... isn't that sad!! (that rant is a reply to you learning about g-ma/g-pa's relationsihip)

  2. yes, your food was delicious!:)and it was nice seeing u!


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