May 4, 2009

The One that's All Better. Mostly.

Today was a complete turnaround from yesterday.  (Well not completely.  Just to clarify, the afternoon taking it easy with my husband was much needed. My body has thanked me for the time of rest by giving me a great "today".)  

I woke up with a scratchy-barely-there voice thanks to sleeping all night with my mouth open because breathing through my nostrils was prohited.  That affect wore off, however, after I had a lovely cup of tea around 6:15am.  Kevin left the house by 6:30 and by 7:30 I was downstairs ready for my workout with Jillian.  I missed her.  I was glad to be equipped with a roll of toilet paper to be used for nose blowing.  I'm pretty sure I used half the roll.  Happily, the snot factor has decreased exponentially throughout the day.  

At 10am, Amanda picked me up for a walk in the park.  We had an absolutely lovely time together as we power walked it for a full hour.  We have plans to keep this up! :D  I love my walking buddy.

She dropped me off at home with a lovely bouquet of daisies and I was happy to open up my water bill and find that it had gone from $184 last quarter to $66 this quarter!  woot!  I won't go into the details of how we experienced such a change, but in any case we are thankful. 

By 11:30am, I had the wash hung on the line to dry--love having that line!--and was soon outside again ready to wash windows.  Now, let me inform you that window washing is one of my least favorite cleaning tasks.  I hate it.  And I have always put it off until you can no longer see through a given window.  Well, yesterday as I was taking it easy (aka, no exercise [WHAT?!], no church, no youth group) I decided to accomplish something around the house and began cleaning windows from the inside.  They were absolutely treacherous!  I mean, seriously, I don't think they had been washed in at least 10 tens.  no lie!  Ask Kevin.  I went through 2 papertowels and windex per one side of one window pain before they were clean.  And these papertowels were black.  And the cobwebs.  Oh, the cobwebs.  No wonder we find 2 spiders a day in this house.  Those stupid screens still need a hose down, but the filth on the actual windows and edgings is sufficiently cleaned.  So anyways...

I borrowed a ladder from the church and set out with a bucket of cleaning solution, gloves, a rag, a microfiber towel and windex.  It took two wet washes to get the major grime off and then a third wipe down with the microfiber and windex.  *whew*  It was a much needed job that I am so glad to have done.  And when Kevin and I finish hosing the screens, I will be officially happy to not have 10 year old dust and cobwebs blowing in my windows with the fresh breeze.  Outdoor allergens are enough, thank you very much.   

After window washing, I took the clothes off the line and decided it was time (much overdue actually) for lunch.  I ate a light meal in the sun on the front porch with a book.  aahhh.  

The rest of my afternoon was just lovely and having Kevin arrive home at 5:25 instead of 10pm was fantabulous.  We ate taco burgers and potato wedges on the back deck, and plan to relax over the new House episode.  


  1. Dear Friend: I'm soo glad you are feeling better.. I almost called you 2 times today, but just didn't have any energy. I had a crash nap in my car inbetween my 2 jobs today, when I usually call you.... I am glad you are experienced at cleaning windows in parsonage houses - so now you can come clean mine....? lol! I'm about busting at the seams - 18 days (almost - at 10pm I switch to the new number).... now question.... what kind of interent/TV do you have... and how much do you pay.... and what about land line?

  2. I found the "My Charming Kids" blog the other day! Glad you're mostly better.

  3. P.S. I'm not sure if you know about this blog or not, but it's super thrifty and gluten-free! Thought of you!


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