May 25, 2009

The One with the Sappiness

After a whirl wind of a week in Canada helping Britt prepare for her big day, I am now sitting in the home of my Grams who lives near Orlando, FL! *whew* Maybe I'll get to relax this week. :) I stayed quite busy at Britt's helping as much as I could with wedding prepartions and boy did everything turn out perfectly--without a hitch! Having Kevin arrive was quite a good feeling and we had a lovely little abode for the weekend--the Austin's Roadtek camper/van. We were very comfy and very thankful for our own space. The Friday night rehearsal went smoothly and all the girls went out to Kelsey's for drinks and appetizers. It was quite a collection of ladies--Britt's friends from Canada, a few from Spring Arbor, and the three lovely ladies from Ohio (significant others to the groomsmen.) We had a blast! Before the night on the town, we all partook of a sandwich buffet and topped it off with DQ ice cream cake--what could be better?! Britt gave all of the girls a wonderful array of personalized gifts in a beautiful photo box and wrote each of us heartfelt letters. The first paragraph in mine brought tears to my eyes rather quickly. I'm still thinking on the message Britt wrote to me. Thanks, bff.
The wedding day was beautifully sunny and a bit on the hot side--nearly perfect! It was a good thing I had stayed at the Austin's for a week as most of the people cycling in and out of the house were not aware of where they needed to be or what they needed to be doing or when they needed to be doing it or where to find tape or scissors or nail polish remover. I felt quite useful. :) I was also the official bouttoniere placer--attaching around 13 of the guys' flowers on to their jackets. Again, feeling needed. Oh, and I had the privilege of privately helping Brittney into her absolutely gorgeous gown. It was a bit of an honor (or honour) I would have to say. :D For the most part, throughout the week and the weekend, I simply tried to do what I was told and not get my nose stuck into plans or decisions that weren't mine to make. That worked out for the best i do believe. :D
The ceremony on Saturday was perfect and the reception turned out to be beautiful and a blast! Kevin and I danced the night away (*dreamy thoughts*) and I was able to talk with my parents quite a bit as well as my wonderful friends, Magan and Betsy. After the party had died down, Kevin and I slipped out and headed for Crabby Joes for a night out alone--considering the next day was our one year anniversary! We had such fun together that night. Thanks, babe! After the Saturday morning gift opening, Kevin and I headed for the border and spent half our anniversary together. We have a weekend camping trip planned for June, so we didn't feel too cheated out of our day. :) It's so hard to believe an entire year has passed since we uttered our "I Do's."
Darling, these past 365 days have been the most wonderful moments of my life. Thank you for your unconditional and ever growing love for me, for making me laugh like no one else can, for the hugs and kisses and hand holds, for praying with me and for me, for constantly reminding me that you appreciate what I do, and for never running out of a forgiveness. Just when I think my love for you cannot grow any more, each day it increases exponentially. Thank you for making it so easy and so wonderful to be your wife.


  1. All together now... *awwwwwww* :)

    Best wishes for another great year of marriage.. and many many more to come!

  2. sigh.... my wedding and all the fun stuff that it included!!!! I love you Mel!!


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