June 16, 2008

why I'm ridiculous

I'm not gonna lie, I am completely ridiculous.  I just spent close to an hour trying to decide on a name for my blog and its corresponding URL.  I am so lame.  (and now I'm admitting it to all of you...wonderful.)  Anyways, I'm happy with what I came up with and the previously mentioned story proves why it's an excellent choice.  

So.  I'm a married woman now.  (Ridiculous yet again.)  No, I don't regret being married in the least.  In fact, it's pretty much awesome.  I just can't believe I'm MARRIED.  I've spent the last couple of weeks buried in paperwork trying to change my last name on every document the United States has its files...i.e. my social security card, my license, my credit card, my bank account, my facebook....you get the picture.  It's been quite a pain (Kevin is SO darn lucky he's the man of this relationship), but I'm glad it's pretty much crossed off my to-do list.  (Not that you would believe I keep to-do lists or anything.)  

My life in a nutshell at this moment:  
  • The smell of freshly baking bread is heavenly.
  • My whole body is sore from playing hours of volleyball at the family reunion.
  • I hate Mao.  
  • I really, really need a job (IHOP, please hear my cry!)
  • I wish my car wasn't broken down in the driveway.
  • I need air in my bike tires.
  • I need a job.  (*repetition is the key to memorization)
  • I can't wait to get involved in our new church.
  • I'm so thankful for my Love.
  • I can't believe I live in the city.


  1. Welcome to blogger! :) I look forward to reading your posts, you adorkable girl, you. Haha!! Oh, and congratulations once again on becoming a Mrs! Isn't marriage grand? :)

  2. Hey you!! You know that I love both of you and would do anything for either of you!!!!

  3. I love the title! Welcome to blogland!

  4. you're too cute! I sent the link to my dad, I don't know if ou did or not.... Plus Here is Jennie's blog: http://www.jennie-pollakfamily.blogspot.com/


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