June 18, 2008

Indian Cuisine and chemistry

I can tell you're interested already. :)  I'll start back at the beginning of the evening.  An hour and a half before Kevin was to be home from lab, I decided to ride my bike down Jefferson to put in some job apps.  Done and done.  On my way home, I almost passed out when I hit my bike's breaks waaaaaayy too hard and jammed my pelvic bone into the handle bars.  frick!  that HURT.  badly.  (I'm sorry if this is too graphic a description for some of you.  But deal with it.)  After the black spots went away from my vision, I continued home and called Kevin on my cell.  He said, "I'm...." and I was like, "hello?  are you there?"  He had just stopped talking.  Next thing I hear is, "My bike isn't here.  Someone stole my bike."  oh great.  Just what we needed.  Now we're down a car and a bike.  (Kevin was so very excited to ride my short girly bike to work today.  <--that was sarcasm for those of you who don't follow.)   But honestly, we handled this situation rather well....I mean, what's one more thing on top of everything else??

So, I made it home without passing out and Kevin got a ride with some people from lab.  They picked me up and we went out to an Indian restaurant about 20 minutes away.  It was exciting to be going out for the first time since moving in, and even more thrilling to know that the bill was going to be footed by Dr. Reuda--the lab professor.  It was a wonderful meal (not for the faint at heart) and I loved getting to put faces to all the names I hear.  We went home 3 hours later and were very full (I was satisfied after eating what I soon found out to be just appetizers.  When the actual meal came, I had one bite of each dish that was being passed and I was filled to overflowing--though not literally.) 

I've spent this morning doing my wifely duties.  i.e. calling all over creation to find jumper cables (no luck yet), trying to find a good deal on a bicycle, and double checking insurance policies.  

I think I shall fix myself some lunch and enjoy this cool weather and my cozy sweatshirt (in June!?  oh, well, I'm not complaining!)


  1. Here's my bright spin on everything. At least you have time to start a blog and update it because I looove your blog. So fun! And it's amusing me right now when I should be doing other things. :)

    I hope the job situation works out for you. My advice: perserverance and patience. It took me a good 6 months after I graduated to find a job (although I pray it won't take you that long!), but I have a great job now and have definitely been blessed. I agree with what everyone's been telling you...God is teaching you patience and teaching you to trust Him and something great is going to come along.

    And PS--Congrats to you and Kevin!! :)

  2. M Fish.... errrrrr M Eccles. you should just not work, that way we can talk every day on AIM!!!! ok no really, I'm praying that you find a job and that it's something you'll enjoy doing. but I do know that I got pizza when I went and saw you last.... maybe I"ll come visit next week and we can get... Pie!!!!


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