June 18, 2008

the sun DOES shine

funny how things can change over the space of a few hours.  Nothing is "perfect" as of yet, but my husband and I are feeling much better about our situations.  

First:  I randomly looked out the window this afternoon to see a guy changing someone's tire.  I decided to ask him if he had jumper cables.  He did.  He charged me way too much (but I was a little too overwhelmed to "bargain").  I finally got ahold of Kevin and was on my way to the auto shop.  Thank God, they had room to keep our car overnight until they have time to work on it tomorrow!  

Second:  I decided to be brave and walk home by myself.  This would save Kevin from leaving work early to walk me home or I wouldn't have to wait in a disgusting auto shop for a few hours for my "escort."  I made it safe and sound.  (I prayed and held tightly to my purse.  This is, after all, the CITY, people!)  

Third:  I received an email from the on-campus administrative assistant position I applied for over a month ago.  I'm not sure how encouraged I should be by the message, but it basically said my application was being viewed by the hiring manager.  *hope*

Fourth:  We're grilling hamburgers for dinner and I'm experimenting with a recipe for baked potato wedges.  They smell delicious.  

Fifth:  For I know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purpose.  [romans 8:28]

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  1. I found you! Glad things are looking up...the joys of being newlyweds! :) You've already showed me up on blogging...I'm lucky to do it once or twice a week! Look forward to more about your life! LOVE YOU!!!


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