June 23, 2008

Little Susie Homemaker

...and proud of it. :)  Today was a "fun day for me.  I had the usual morning then decided to whip up some brownies for the ice cream sundae party we're having tonight with Kevin's family.  (It's the big Canada-US "Freedom Festival" fireworks!)  Then, since I had so many bananas starring me in the face just pleading to be made into something delicious, I decided to oblige.  I used a recipe I had received as a wedding gift to make 2 yummy loaves of banana bread--one for tonight...one for later. ;-) mmm, mmm.  As I was baking up a storm, I wished I could keep going.  No, for real.  I really wanted to bake more cookies and more breads, etc, etc.  That got me thinking.  I said to myself, "Self, it would be super cool if I started a baking business out of my home."  Considering I'm still unemployed, this sounded like a brilliant (not to mention deliciously enjoyable) idea.  Who knows if it would actually be profitable, but I would probably get some friends out of it.  (And don't worry, I would try my best not to become like Monica in the Friends episode "The One with the Chocolates" where she secretly loves making chocolates only because it makes people like her.)  lol.

Exciting mail again today!  My picture order came.  So now, instead of this random couple in the frame hanging above our couch, it's filled with pictures of Kevin and Brian through the years.  And on the other side (of our signed autograph wedding frame) is a frame with pictures of my sister, Ash, and me.  I just love it!  Also, in this brown frame with 6 openings I have put in a selection of wedding pictures that were developed in "sepia."  I think it looks awesome. :) A little more homey every day...

It was great to have Magan and Bekah stop by for a visit on Saturday night (on their way to the airport.)  We had a pasta dinner and then hung out while watching the greatest show ever-Camp Rock!  Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it was a fun movie nonetheless.  And.....Magan bought us our very own copy of "She's the Man."  We were super excited!  It's one of those movies our friends quote all the time...and is quite hysterical...."Bros, brothers...Brethren??"  oh my.....(guess you had to be there...)

We had a blessed time at church on Sunday.  We decided to go to Sunday School, and despite the wild goose chase we had to go on to find the class, we were thankful we did.  God knows just what we need.  We're both so thankful for belonging.

This has been Silly Songs with Larry.  Tune in next time to hear Larry sing, "Bob is really angry.  I hope he doesn't catch me.  It's hard to run with this sombrero on my head."  


  1. you are absolutely ridiculous.... Was the show as good as Jesus Camp?
    Also - I have eaten your bread so if you need a testimonial for you're website I can be that for you. You should take a picture of your pictures and post it.... I love reading but honestly a picture is worth at least 100 words in this case. Jennie thinks I should start a blog as well.... we'll see.

  2. I really appreciate your references to Friends. :)


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