December 6, 2009

The One with My Schroeder

Youth group tonight was awesome.
We dug into the depths of the real Christmas story.
Not just little baby Jesus in the manger.
And Mary and Joseph.
And the shepherds and wise men.
We discovered the reality of most transformational birth of history.
The teens were excited and disgusted and amazed at the secrets seemingly hidden in Scripture.
We challenged them to read it for themselves this week.
Ask questions.
Search for answers.
Think critically about a story they may have heard twenty times.
And they were eager.
(It's so rewarding to see the light in their eyes.)
We further dissected Scripture searching in (gender-specific) small groups.
It was the first small group session we'd had in way too long.
And it was a good start.
I love relationships.
I really do.

And after all that we gathered around the piano.
They convinced Kevin to play again.
(How do they do it?)
He played Linus and Lucy.
The song he was playing the moment I fell in love with him.
I fall for him more and more each time he plays it.
I think it must have something to do with the fact that I believe I'm completely incapable of playing it myself.
Sure I can play Clair du Lune
(My favorite classical song of all time.)
But not the Charlie Brown Theme song.
I'm not jealous at all.
After he played, I sat down and took Christmas requests.
Everyone burst out singing.
It was a Kodak moment I'm pretty sure.

And no.
I still haven't found my earring.
But I did get forced into putting clean sheets on our bed.
After ripping them all off in search for the missing gem.

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  1. no anyone with a medal detector in your church? send out an e-mail...


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