December 22, 2009

The One with the Christmas Preparations

So much.
Good feelings.

I love when I surprise myself by how much I accomplish.
There are some days that I seem to get nothing done.
And then suddenly I'm climbing back into bed.
But then there are the days when I have a long checklist.
And I'm assuming I'll get a couple of the items crossed out.
But then there are days when I have a long checklist AND I get way way way more done than I thought possible.
Come to think of it, though, I can't really remember what I did.

Let me think.
I read a fabulous word from Jesus.
I worked out with my pal, Jill.
I started setting out my clothes for the next week's worth of travels.
(Kevin thought I was crazy.
But I just don't want to wear the items I will want to pack, you know?
Of course you do.)
I ate a delicious over medium egg and slice of homemade toast.
I pulled the dozens of cookies I've been baking out of the freezer.
I decided to make up adorable little packages for our neighbors.
Peanut butter.
Molasses Sugar.
Chocolate Chip.
And a mini loaf of Pumpkin Nut bread.
I ran to the store to pick up two more items for my Christmas gift crafts.
(Don't worry. I have a post ready to share the details.
After Christmas of course.
You're welcome.)

Kevin arrived home seconds before me from his half day subbing job.
We had leftover Unstuffed Pepper Soup for lunch.
I watched a recorded episode of Ellen.
And get this.
One of the pictures sent in was from my little bity hometown!
I was crazy stoked!
I felt famous.
I'm not.

I put the finishing touches on our crafty Christmas gifts.
Wrapped them.
Had Kevin help me carry in our "new" dining room table.
There's actually room for people to enjoy dinner around the table.
With plates and everything! :)
I love our little table though so that has been relocated to the empty spare bedroom.
That reminded me I had been wanting to move the dresser into the actual spare bedroom.
That required emptying the dresser of it's miscellaneous contents.
Then I vacuumed.
Post party.
It was necessary.
With 45 minutes remaining before my 4pm piano student, Kevin and I threw on our shoes and headed out of doors.
We delivered four tins of cookies (seen here).

Along with a Christmas card.
And an invitation to our church's Christmas Eve service.
And 2 new AVON campaigns.
(I couldn't not do that. Does that make me a bad person?)
One of our neighbors had evidently moved.
I had no idea.
And I really liked Veronica. And her 3 little girls.
We left one package on Stephanie & Joe's doorstep.
And we talked to Polly for a few minutes.
She was thrilled.
Then I stopped by another house and finally met the "mom."
I had met her daughter a while back.
Turns out we have a lot in common.
She invited me in and we exchanged information.
It was a really great conversation.
Yay, neighbors!
I made one more stop and then came home.

Michaela came for her piano lesson.
We worked on Silent Night over and over again.
She wants to play it Christmas Eve.
I'm so proud of her!
We might even do it as a duet.

And in my randomness of Tuesday I remembered to snap a photo of our First Christmas ornament.
My mom found it for us.
I was so thrilled!
I love s'mores.
And I love the s'mores ornaments even more.

And I can hardly believe this will be our second Christmas as a family.
Our 6th together. :D

And on our front door hangs a wreath.
Hand made by moi.
It was our post Thanksgiving family project.
For the women-folk at least.
I made the bow myself too.
I appreciate its simple rustic character.


  1. Guess I'd better put in a comment since you already thanked me for one I didn't do.Looks like your delicious baking will now be enjoyed by your neighbors


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