December 2, 2009

The One with the Run

We did it.
My dream of five years came true.
Kevin woke me up this morning to go running with him.
We had bought him a great pair of New Balance's and sweat pants yesterday.
It was still pitch black out but the morning was perfect.
I love the park's sidewalks.
Because I don't like getting hit by cars.
I loved every minute of this form of time together.
I don't know what it means so much to me.
But it does.
I can't believe it's happening.
And even more...that it was HIS idea!
This is something we can do together for years to come.
Staying fit and active together.
What a blessing.
I'll just keep praying his knee doesn't act up.

Michaela's second piano lesson was yesterday.
It went really well.
It's so nice when a student has good natural rhythm.
After she left I decided it was past time.
For the Christmas tree.
And other holiday decorations.
Within three minutes we had our perfect little tree set up in the center of our picture window.
What a blessing extra large spare bedroom closets are!
I had left it completely decorated at the end of last year.
Scooting it down the hallway was interesting to do by myself.
Kevin did a much better job of pulling it out into the living room.
We love our petite tree.
Silver and blue.
White lights.
Topped with a bow I made free-handed last night.
With the tips I learned from the wreath making on Thanksgiving.

Sure, the tree took 3 minutes.
But the extra decorating took about 3 and 1/2 more hours.
Well, it may have been a bit quicker if I didn't have to stop and dust everything.
When you don't use a living room more than once a month it gets neglected.
While decorating I was also in the middle of baking chocolate chip cookies.
I figured it was time to start filling my freezer with goodies.
For all the Christmas gatherings.
Namely the Pastors' open house at our house in a few weeks.
I felt a little bit like super woman accomplishing everything at once.
But by the end, I was exhausted.
And didn't have time to watch all of the Biggest Loser.

I seriously love that show.
I cry almost every week.
At least in the recent episodes.
Seeing the transformations.
Changes from the inside.
I can hardly wait until next weeks' finale!

You must try these Cinnamon Snaps.
Kevin loves them!
I do too of course!
But they're tied with PW's Spicy Molasses Cookies.
I don't love cookies.
Nope, not me.

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