December 3, 2009

The One with Random Rants & Raves

I love winter.
As previously stated.
But I hate it for one reason.*
The cold dry air that turns my hands into painful sandpaper.
The instant the air changes, my fingers start cracking.
No amount of hand creams or lotions or vasoline will keep them softened.
Somehow, Kevin's hands stay perfectly satiny all year round.
I tell him he must be secretly moisturizing.
But I know he's just blessed with soft hands.
I'm jealous.

*Clarification: I don't like winter when the snow turns dirty.
And when my gas and electric bills go through the roof.
And when the car fishtails on slick roads.
And when, six months later, it's still winter.

Tonight I made a delicious Italian dinner.
Not at all uncommon for our house.
I was planning on making homemade pasta but somehow time got away from me.
So we had spaghetti and tomato sauce.
But the best part was the turkey meatballs.
Perfectly moist and amazingly garlicky.
And the ground turkey was on sale for $1.99 a pound at Aldi.
And it was lean: 93/7.
The worst part of the dinner was when I sat down to eat.
And half of my plate spilled onto my lap.
And the pillow.
And the chair.
And the carpet.
It was a mess.
I almost started crying.
I mean, I spill rather frequently.
But I haven't made this magnitude of a mess for years.
Kevin patiently yet speedily jumped up to save me and most of my meal.
We spent the next 15 minutes scrubbing.
And pulling carpet fuzz out of my meatballs.
I was not about to waste them.
And somehow, it was still delicious.

Has anyone else ever been sickened at the blatant highway robbery that is found in the breakfast cereal aisle?
How can people bare to spend $4 on a box of CEREAL.
And a small box at that.
Ten ounces?
That amount of cereal won't last long enough to make it worth the waste of cardboard.
I went into Meijer armed with my cereal discounts.
Great discounts.
But I will only buy brand name cereal if the store has them on sale and I have a coupon.
So when I saw that the $2.68 sale on Kix and Wheaties and Cheerios I was looking forward to my coupon usage.
But this was not for a decent sized box.
It was for the ten ounce boxes.
I couldn't do it.
More than $2 for a box of around fifteen ounces will not happen.
Mostly because I know I can find the same cereal at Aldi for a third of the price.
Don't do it, people, don't do it.

Tomorrow night is the girls only sleepover for my teens.
I'm pretty pumped, I'm not gonna lie.
We're going to bake chocolate chip cookies.
And dress is full 80s apparel.
And watch movies.
And play MadGab with the quizzing jump seats.
(One of the girl's ideas.)
And do makeup.
And make homemade pizza.
And have the best time in the world.
It's great not having to be "grown up" for night.
Well aside from being in charge and all.
I can't wait to let my hair down with some of my favorite girls.


  1. Have you tried making your own cereal? It can take some extra time and storage space, but it's definately cheaper.

  2. I love mad gab! also I have resorted to buying those big bags of off brand cereal - the way Nick eats.... oh my. or using a coupon once in a while for brand name.


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