December 13, 2009

The One with Constant Teenagers

That was our weekend.
We packed 5 people and all our luggage in our trusty little Civic.
We drove (well, Kevin drove) 4 hours north.
To the THUMB.
(The teens were extremely excited about their first trip to the "thumb" of Michigan.
You know, Michigan is the Mitten?)
Up to Bad Axe (say that five times fast.) Free Methodist Church.
For the third Bible quiz of our team's first season of quizzing.
They blew us away again!
The team of Chris, Ashley and Michaela was bumped up a division.
And managed to grab a First Place trophy for the second time in a row!
AND Chris quizzed in the individual competition.
His first time.
He was nervous.
Thought we were crazy for believing he could do it.
And he did.
He FAR exceeded our expectations.
He too got FIRST place!
What in the world?!
I'm so crazy proud of these three.

But beyond that.
Way beyond that.
I had an absolutely fantastic time with them.
There wasn't even a moment of our 28 hours together when I wished I could just get away.
Despite the cramped Civic quarters.
And the hard church floor.
And the loud teams that were sharing the church with us for the night.
They didn't a sleep a wink on the trip.
There or back.
The five of us never stopped laughing and talking and enjoying.
(Ok, well I did fall asleep for a half hour on the ride home but that's beside the point.)
We were just enjoying being together.
I seriously love them.

And not only were we with each other Friday night and all day Saturday.
But here's an example of how much I see them.
Tuesday. Piano with Michaela.
Wednesday. Quizzing with all three.
Thursday. Worship team with Chris. And the girls starting in January.
Friday. Girls' overnighter.
Saturday. Ashley's band concert.
Sunday. Church. Michaela's concert. Youth group.
Tuesday. Piano with Michaela. Chris (and Katie and Chris F and Isaac and Brittany's) concert.
Wednesday. Quizzing with all three.
Thursday. Worship team.
Friday. Kevin subbed for Michaela's class and took her to and from school.
Went to quizzing.
Saturday. Quizzing.
Sunday. Youth group.


And I'm not kidding.
I'm not sick of them.
I almost just had them stay Saturday night at our house too.
No lie.
I love these kids. (And not just these three. ALL of them. But I just happen to spend almost every day with these three.)


  1. your love for those kids is amazing! what an amazing thing to love your place in ministry so much! a true blessing. :)

  2. excited that they are doing so well in the quizzes!


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