October 1, 2009

The One with the Pink

So by now you probably know about my online AVON store.
And how I'm an Independent Sales Rep.
I also happen to be a big fan of AVON merchandise.
Have been since I was a little girl.
Before makeup was at all important to me.
There are some fabulous deals all over AVON.
And many opportunities for free shipping.
(If you want to receive these notifications via email, let me know!)
Who doesn't want to shop from home?
And answer the door to your AVON order?

But there's an even more meaningful reason for me to purchase from AVON.
AVON is one of the biggest supporters of the search for a cure.
They have breast cancer merchandise and send around 75% of proceeds to support this cause.
Reps do not profit from these purchases.
What a great gift.
Look for ways to fund this cause.
And help those women in your life (and yourself) learn about prevention and diagnosis and cures.

My mom is celebrating her 11th year breast cancer free.
As a 12 year old, "cancer" was the scariest word that could come from a doctor's mouth.
I thought my 43 year old mother was going to die.
I really did.
I cried for hours and hours.
Gut wrenching sobs.
But I soon learned that they had caught this early enough.
She went through with a full mastectomy.
Didn't have to endure radiation or chemo.
It was a long road.
I had to grow up fast.
Taking care of dinners. Cleaning. Housework. Schoolwork.
And the worst moments were after the initial biopsy.
I had to support her as she got sick.
And clean up after she vomitted.
Well, I didn't have to.
But I couldn't bear not too.
She had been there for me over and over and over again.
And never complained.
I loved my mom.
Correction: I love my mom.

With a different sort of love, I love these AVON products.
this new AVON breast cancer crusade tote. seriously.
And 100% of net profits go to this crusade. crazy awesome.
There's some great clothing items.
And jewelry.


  1. Oh my gosh! I was totally thinking about being a representative for a make up company. I wasn't sure which one because my mom loved Avon and I always used to look at the catalogs but I just have a meeting with a Mary Kay rep. I'm still not sure if I want to but for some reason hearing that you are one really makes me believe I can do it. Thanks Melanie

  2. Wow Mel, I had no idea your mom had gone through all that. My mom had endometrial (uterine) cancer, but it was an early catch too. It's amazing how some of the worst times make you appreciate the best things (and people) in our lives.

    Anyway, I will have to go check out your online Avon store :)


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