October 16, 2009

The One with a Hole in My Wallet

I hate spending money.
Always have.
Probably always will.
I love buying things for other people and even getting new things for myself.
But when it comes to walking to the cashier.
And handing over my debit card.
Not so much.
Today I was tested and tried pretty hard core.
According to my husband, I succeeded in remaining calm and not totally freaking out as the deductions piled up.

It was rough.
But it all needed to be done.
We had a 9:20 eye appt to check my contacts and to order his glasses.
That was $78.
Then we went to TGMaxx to find him a new winter coat.
We found a great deal on a Columbia jacket that looks quite stunning on him in my personal opinion.
It was $50. Regularly $175.

Then we walked into the massive hardware store known as Lowe's.
There we filled our cart with supplies to plastic our windows.
They are extraordinarily drafting.
And our house is 3 times too big for us, but impossible to close off everything "unused" to save gas.
So we have quite the project ahead of us.
Besides that $37 we picked up a great little room heater from Walmart for $35.
I am SO. EXCITED. to not be freezing my fingers off this winter.
So excited.
You don't even know.
Yes, we could turn up our heat.
And that would require more money.
And I'd rather my phalanges break off from frost bite then spend extra money.

Then there was a stop at Great Cuts for two matching haircuts.
Or not.
Just two haircuts.
Unique to each of our heads.
That was $18 for both of us. Not bad.
And considering we're getting pictures with my family next Saturday we figured it was necessary.
I can't wait to have Emily photography my beautiful family.
It's been at least 7 years since our last professional photo.
And for some reason I've always been obsessed with family photos.
Just ask my mom.
Most of my childhood was spent setting up backdrops for my babydolls.
And insisting the four of us needed to get "family pictures!"
Why am not a photographer, again?
It is something I would love to learn.

Finally, we drove through the Express Care for our oil change.
Which comes much too quickly when you drive 100 miles a day.
And on top of that there was a needed coolant flushing.
And extra $80 on top of the $35.
But we know if we don't maintain this trusty little Civic then it will die.
And if it dies we have to spend thousands more on its replacement.
I dread the day.

Now we get to spend the rest of Friday together.
As Kevin's lab is at an RNA conference that he didn't need to go to.
As he's quitting at the end of the semester.
And his PI apparently deems him "not worth the money."
In any case, he's here.
And I'm happy.
Well, honestly I wasn't happy this morning.
We were both in fairly sour moods.
Which was lame.
But I'm pretty sure we're past that now.
The fresh baked chocolate chip cookies probably didn't hurt.

Now I'm going to have myself a bowl of the most amazing homemade applesauce in the world.
And I'm not just saying that cause I think I'm awesome.
We both love this stuff.
And it's made in the crockpot so it can't be that hard.
You should try it!


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