October 22, 2009

The One with the Cakes

I may or may not have had a complete breakdown this morning.
Well, it was actually afternoon.
Since I slept in till 8:45.
[Thank you, husband, for nudging me to let my sick body rest.]
And then I sat around for...uhh...2 hours.
Trying to figure out if I was more or less or as much sick as I was the night before.
And whether or not I should workout.
And which workout I should attempt.
Given my sick-ish state.
And then I baked a cake.
So it would have time to cool before being frosted and taken to our church secretary.
My workout with Jillian started at 11.
Which is waaaay later than I like to "start" my day.
But it was necessary.
This meant I didn't finish showering and such until almost 1.
That was insane.
But I think the extra rest really did my body good.
I feel almost 100% tonight.
I'm so ridiculously excited that our awesome family weekend won't be ruined because of me.

Ok, wow.
So all that was background information.
Now onto the freakout.
As I was toweling off from my delightfully warm shower,
I decided it was time to clean my jewelry.
So I found my jewelry cleaner.
Removed my wedding ring.
And my diamond lever back earrings from my parents on my high school graduation.
And my diamond studs from my husband on our first Christmas.
But...there...was...only...one stud.................
One of my precious diamond earrings was MISSING!!
Immediately, I starting hyperventilating.
Because most of the time if an earring falls out, I know when it falls out.
Like when I'm brushing my hair or something and it gets ripped out of my ear.
Still a freaky moment until I find the earring again.
But nothing has ever been this traumatic.
I had no idea when this irreplaceable gift had left my ear.
I had been all through the house by this hour.
It could be anywhere.
It could most certainly be gone forever.
Down a drain.
Or deep into the heating vent.
Or simply lost for all eternity.
I started weeping.
Sobbing even as I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom.
Searching through the tears proved difficult.
I tried to wipe them back as I looked in the tub.
On the rugs.
In my clothes.
In my towel.
Down the vent.
Now I really really starting freaking out.
I thought I should retrace my steps.
Starting in bed.
I was hoping beyond hope that it had fallen out during the night.
This has happened before.
Probably because I unknowingly remove an earring that is bothering me while I sleep.
I was praying aloud that I might find this gift.
As soon as I looked into the bed I spotted the earring back.
Oh thank you, Jesus! I shouted.
I carefully pulled back the covers and discovered the beautiful little diamond.
I would have been totally broken hearted over losing that present.
And I would have hated having to tell my husband.
I am unbelievably thankful.

Now for another happy note.
I have never seen anyone as thrilled with a birthday cake as the church secretary was today.
I heard from someone who heard from someone else that Glenda's birthday was Friday.
She doesn't attend our church, and she often feels under-appreciated by our congregation.
Most people don't even know her or realize all the work she does.
So when she saw me at the door with the cake she said, "Oh you just missed Pastor Dale."

Immediately I said, "Happy Early Birthday!!"
She was absolutely stunned.
"What?! How did you know it was my birthday?
I haven't had a birthday cake in years!
Oh I could just cry.
Thank you so much!
This is so wonderful!"
*Hug. Hug*
It was a fantastic feeling making someone's day so bright.

And speaking of cakes, I had to run to Kohl's tonight.
You see, Kevin encouraged me to buy a doomed cake platter 2 months ago.
I bought it for $23.
It was lovely.
From Food Network.
But it wasn't exactly what I wanted.
I was hoping for the 4-in-1 version.
Where you can use it as a punch bowl. Or as a serving platter with dip bowl.
But I took what they had.
Only to find out that the plate had a huge piece of glass broken off.
And of course I didn't discover this until I wanted to use the cake plate.
It's hard to cover a cake without destroying it's loveliness.
Hence the cake plate.
So tonight I returned it.
And ended up having to call in my order online in order to purchase the platter I really wanted.
And I used a 15% off coupon.
And it was on sale.
So I found the plate I loved for $18.
The only downside is, I won't have it by Saturday for the cheescake I'm making for Kevin & Brian's birthday party.

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