October 5, 2009

The One with Pumpkins

This is getting a little ridiculous.
I have had to start keeping a list of topics I want to write about because it's taking me forever to find the time to sit down and spit it out.
So many great things.
Lots of rants.
New stories.
I'm not sure where to begin.

Ok. I've decided now.
Thank you, perfect little pumpkin perched on Kevin's desk.
You have jogged my memory.
Saturday afternoon my darling husband took me to the Apple Orchard.
I have been asking about visiting this Orchard/Pumpkin patch for a month now.
But it just hasn't worked out.
And I knew he wasn't all that excited about the prospect.
But it was Kevin who said, "so you want to go to the Apple Orchard now?"
I was so excited I squealed.
I mean, what is fall without a chilly trip to the orchard.
For apple cider.
Hand picked apples.
Adorable and ugly pumpkins.
Cider & pumpkin donuts.
Oh, the sites and smells.

But get this.
I was just about to sit down with my new "Tweed" nailpolish from AVON.
I haven't painted my pathetic looking nails in months and months and months.
He realized what I was about to spoil myself with and he didn't even push me to leave right then.
He was willing to wait until my nails were properly pampered.
And then we headed to the Orchard.

I was a bit disappointed, I cannot lie.
Though this Orchard had more activities to offer than my hometown establishment, it just wasn't up to snuff.
First of all you had to pay a dollar to park.
What?! That's crazy.
Pumpkins were way overpriced.
Though we picked out a great big one and one tiny one for Kevin.
But I was pretty ticked when I saw even bigger pumpkins at my favorite Farmer's market for a third the cost.
boo rip off!
Cider and apples were next on our list, but they too were overpriced by a LOT.
As was the rest of the merchandise.

The one thing we did treat ourselves to were the cinnamon sugar sprinkled pumpkin donuts.
And yes! Kevin let me have one!
I have to ask, you see, because I should not be eating anything with flour.
But I figured if I cheat enough on stupid things at home, I might as well fully enjoy the pumpkin patch experience.

We enjoyed walking around and smiling at the adorable children as they excitedly popped their faces through plywood apples cutouts for a perfect photo.
We sped through the animal farm as I have an uneasiness around animals.
No lie.
Their unanticipated movements freak me out.
We made fun of the music they were playing.
And then realized it was a live singer.
We sampled this and that.
And realized that we are the customers stores like this hate.
Take all the free stuff and never purchase.
Go us.

On the way home, Kevin mentioned a craving for Taco Bell.
Now, I had already taken him to Taco Bell once this week.
And to Pizza Hut.
Because I felt like spoiling him because he was sick.
Way to spread the germs, Mel.
(And when I say I took him to Taco Bell, I mean that.
Because I don't like TB and I never order anything.
Don't hate.)
We normally keep our dining out to once a week and even that is as cheap as possible.
Which means fast food a lot of times.
Because we just like something different and getting out together.
You don't have to tip.
And using coupons are a bonus.
I was super proud of Kevin's choices at Taco Bell.
He chose three awesome items for just under $3.

Oh! and get this!
At Pizza Hut we had a lunch buffet coupon for $4.95.
But it was expired.
The waitress let us use it.
And then, since I was just going to be able to eat the salad portion of this buffet, I asked how much that would be.
She said she could just include it on Kevin's meal ticket.
So we got out of there for way less than expected.
Love that!
And Kevin was totally stoked that he got a bit spoiled by his insanely frugal wife.

So it occurred to me.
We were fighting to out serve one another.
And it was so fun!
I took him to TB.
He went on an hour long walk with me.
I took him to Pizza Hut.
He brought me home a McDonald's hot fudge sundae.
He went with me to the pumpkin patch.
I went with him to TB. again. :)

What a great way to "fight."
Focusing on what we can do to make the other person the happiest.
And not paying notice to what we're not getting.
And then finding ourselves blessed by the other.

Not really sure if this story made sense.
I wrote it in segments.
And while I was in a strange mood.

But in other news, we played catch and I didn't get hurt!


  1. so it sounds like you need a little trip to Brant's. What's a little 5 hour drive for awesome (not overpriced) cider and doughnuts? :)

  2. I don't like Taco Bell either, but Jamin does. Fortunately, the one in Chelsea is Taco Bell and KFC put together, so I can find something from the KFC side to eat while he gets tacos. :)


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