October 26, 2009

The One with the Red Peppers

Are you ashamed that you wore your sweat pants all day?
Hoping no one saw you pick that wedgie?
Wishing you could stop yourself from demolishing an entire bag of popcorn?
Well, don't be! Join MckMama and many others as we are brutally honest about our recent antics.

I most certainly did not watch Twilight last Sunday with my husband.
We would never borrow a movie from a teenager.
A movie that has had exceedingly too much hype.
Nope, we would never feel the "need" to catch up with America and watch the movie after not having read the Twilight saga.
And there's definitely not a part of me that wants to own the collection.

It was not my guest bathroom toilet that was found by a guest to be mold ridden.
I am always aware of the extra bathrooms our home has.
And always always clean them thoroughly before hosting.

And I was certainly not disappointed to have my dinner plate taken from me.
On Saturday.
With my family.
Out to dinner.
After not finding a hair on top of my half-eaten fries.
Nope, I would never be wishing for a second order of those grease laden "vegetables."

What about you?

I've got the itch.
I don't know where it came from.
But I suddenly have a strong desire for these shoes.
Maybe that just makes me a "follower."
But I don't really care.
I think they're swank.
But I could also go for a different color.
Something fun.
Like bubble gum pink.
Or slate blue.
Or navy. I'll always be a navy fan.
Or these cutesy girly classic white ones.
And I wish I could fit into these.
Oh, and I must confess.
When I think of these tennis shoes in my head, I know they are called "Chuck" something or others.
But I always go with "Chuck Norris."
Which really isn't it at all.
They're Chuck Taylors.
But I think CN is appropriate as well.

As I was in the middle of my late Monday morning routine, I heard a noise.
The garage door. Open. Close.
Kevin was home at 12:40!
I had already given my second piano lesson.
(which went wonderfully. I'm gaining confidence.)
I was one and a half loads into my laundry.
I had, of course, worked out and showered.
I printed the monthly youth group newsletter & calender and taken it to church.
My "plan" for the day tends to completely fall apart when Kevin comes home.
He may just be doing his own thing on the computer, but my mind is just so happy he's here, I can't remember what I was going to do.
So we ended up doing the grocery shopping I had missed this weekend.
And needed to do in preparation for our trip to Cincinnati for the National Youth Workers' Convention.
We are totally pumped about that.
But that's a story for later.
At Aldi's I needed a couple items.
Well, they are getting bombarded with seasonal baking items and gifts.
Which meant browsing.
And happening upon items that really were on my "to purchase" list.
Two cookie sheets. For $2.99 each. EACH?!
I was almost desperate for extra with all my cookie baking.
And my mom noticed my current baking sheets and asked if they were new when I received them.
Yes, they were.
Just 18 months old.
And they look about 25 years old.
One silicone brush like these. For $1.99.
A new rubber scraper (spatula). For $1.99.
Both of those items have great thick wooden handles.
A silicone baking mat. This was a bit more at $5.99 but I couldn't not get it!
It will make baking so much easier. And transferring my pizza dough a near cinch.

After we returned we played frisbee for nearly 45 minutes.
It's the one activity where we're fairly evenly matched skill-wise.
And we both love it.
I've improved tremendously.
In the areas of accuracy and distance.
When we're on the same ultimate frisbee team we're almost unstoppable.
At least when we're playing with teens. :)
I think the "marriage connection" helps too.

I then started on our dinner plans.
I had bought five red peppers for $1 last week at the market.
An amazing deal.
I have learned the red pepper roasting techniques in all my Food Network watching and I was excited to try a roasted red pepper soup recipe.
I saw a simple recipe on The Today Show and it turned out wonderfully.
It was fun to make and de-double-licious to eat.
If you like peppers that is. :)

Now I'm hoping to get rid of this migraine--my second in 3 days.
And enjoy House.
And the Frosty we bought while we were out.
Our Wendy's was advertising Frostys as 50% off so we made a quit u-turn.
And we both noticed that the texture of the Frosty has changed.
It's creamier. Frothier. Whipped almost.
I'm loyal to the classic chocolate Frosty.
But it's different.
And I'm not sure if I'm ok with that.

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