September 30, 2009

The One with Many Hats

I don't know which is worse.
Having a super stuffy nose and needing to blow it, but with no avail.
Or have an incessantly leaky nose, leading to very sore nostrils.
I've had both in the last 2 days.
And sinus headaches.
And migraines.
And achy ness.
It's lame.
All this hit me from nowhere it seems.
Sunday I was down and out with a horrible migraine that turned into nausea.
As per usual.
I napped for 3 hours.
And felt worse when I finally managed to pry myself off the couch.
I started feeling better 9.
I figured that was that.
But at the exact same time Kevin starting complaining of his yearly chest/head cold/flu symptoms, I began experiencing the same thing.
Poor guy is totally totally out of it.
It's kinda cute actually.
He loses his train of thought after just a few words.
And stands there not knowing he had even starting talking to me to begin with.

This was frustrating for me at first.
Seeing as how I'm normally forcing my brain into overdrive to keep up with him.
Now I'm slamming on the breaks and dropping into first gear.
I've decided to give him my patience though.
I know. I'm such a good person.
He's just so cute, though.

In any case, my last night pretty much sucked.
My throat was dry.
And itchy.
And I couldn't breath.
And I was sweating.
Though we had our window open to the 50 degree temperatures.
I got up 2 or 3 times.
I hate getting up.
You should see me.
I have such a bad attitude about it.

We got up at 6:45.
I would have kept sleeping, but I needed to make his lunch.
He got out of the shower and announced he felt worse than yesterday.
My poor boy.
So he's home again.
And we're taking care of each other.
Or least moaning and groaning a lot.

Warm apple cider is the bomb.
(Kevin would disagree with the "warm" part. But he loves cider way more than any person I've ever seen.)
Not kidding.
Come on, you know what I'm talking about.
It's amazing.
We had a coupon for $2.00 per gallon of cider at our farmer's market.
We bought two.
And will probably get more this weekend. :)

I've been asked twice now.
To teach piano lessons.
The first request was back in December.
I kind of freaked out and never made a decision about it.
Just put in on the high dusty shelves of my mind there it remained.
Until two weeks ago when another person came to me about lessons.
I have never taught lessons.
I started piano when I was 9.
That was a long time ago.
There are some things that just become a part of you after that many years of playing.
I'm afraid I'm going to do a horrible job.
Totally throw off these beginners.
Ruin their understanding of music forever.
One potential student is a great 7th grade girl in our youth group.
She already plays sax in the band, so she has come concept of music for sure.
The other is a woman in her 60s.
Who's never read a note in her life.
And she's wanting her granddaughters to start lessons in the summer.
This is all super exciting.
And also so scary I might wet my pants.
But Kevin has assured me he's confident I can do this.
I have many seasoned piano teachers whom I could go to with questions.
I can dig out my beginner books and those stacks of lesson notebooks.
And find out how in the world I got from there.
to here.
Playing in church every Sunday.
Britt was so right.
She predicted I would be playing piano and singing in a small church.
I never saw it coming.
I never thought I was good enough.
And I probably wasn't.
But they hadn't had a soul play that piano in 10 years.
So I must have sounded like Debussy or something.
(I can't even stand joking about that. It's hypocrisy.)

But about these lessons.
I'm trying to figure out how much to charge.
And where to begin.
And where to start.
And where to go.
And there goes my free schedule.
Between ever growing youth ministry responsibilities. (:::youth pastor/director)
Worship team. (:::piano player. singer. semi-leader.)
AVON. (:::avon lady)
Bible quizzing. (:::quiz coach)
Weekly Sunday bake sales. (These people get quite upset if there aren't cookies.) (:::cookie lady)
Household duties. (:::wife)
And now piano lessons. (:::piano teacher)

I'm busy.
But if I can play a role in these new musicians lives
that is at all similar to the imprints left by my beloved piano teachers
(And not so much musically, as spiritually & emotionally & mentally)
I will consider myself beyond blessed.

I wonder what life will look like in 7 years.
Or next year for that matter.


  1. Perhaps in 7 years you'll be teaching your own babies how to play piano and bake cookies :)


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