July 6, 2009

The One with the Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,
I haven't posted in a week.
That's a long time.
I apologize.
But I'm sure you didn't mind looking at beautiful pictures for a week.
I know I didn't.

Want to know why I haven't updated in so long?
Yes, you say?
I will have to blame that on my emotional instability at watching the final episodes of Gilmore Girls.
Not even kidding.
If you've watched seasons 1-5 two times through and waited and waited for 6 and 7, you'd be attached too.
Even a certain gentleman in my life is a bit attached.
Not even kidding.
"It can't be over!" I screamed. "It can't be done! There's so much left to tell!"
I was sobbing.
Then I was laughing. hysterically. at the fact that I was sobbing. over a tv series.
But you would be too.
I dare you to watch Gilmore Girls and not get attached.
I double dog dare you.

Also, I was not blogging because I was baking.
And planning.
And going a bit crazy.
Ok, not really crazy, but I was preparing for our BIG 4th of July Party.
I baked and baked.
I planned and planned.
So many were invited.
My parents came up late Thursday night.
It was great to have a day with them.
And with Ben.
Ben Lane.
He couldn't come on Saturday so he came on Friday.
We all hung out. During the power outage. It was great.
He's a good friend.
My parents are good parents. and friends. and people.
Even if they are a bit obsessed with my replacement--Cooper, the Bichon Frise.
I don't mind.

It was a perfect weekend.
Perfect weather.
Perfect gatherings.
His parents. brother. cousin. grandparents on both sides. uncle.
My parents.
Britt & Nick.
Britt's parents. brother.
Ross & Clare.
Teens--Chris and Megan.
Monroe friends--Amanda & Josh.
There was grilling on our new charcoal grill we've been wanting. Yay, Weber.
There was waaaaaaaay too much aaaaaaaamazing food.
baked beans. potato salad. fruit salad. tossed salad. rolls. hotdogs. sausages. burgers. buns. tons of potato chips. meatballs. cookies. brownies. 3 cakes. fudge. fudge. iced tea. water. all good!
There were 2 great games of Ultimate Frisbee.
The official sport of our guy friends.
And my official sport since I can actually play.
My dad rocked the "professionals'" socks off. I wished I could have played then.
but I had just swallowed my last bite of sausage and...not so much.
I played later.
It was a great game.
Despite the 4 on 6 (or really 2 on 6 since Ross & Nick rock.)
The bugs were ridiculous though.
They dive bombed my mouth. and nose. and eyeballs. and ears.
There were late night fireworks.
And The Secret Society of Married People sleepover.
Yeah. I stayed up until 1am. That was crazy for me.
Ross, Clare, Britt & Nick and Kevin & I had great times together.

Kevin and I got up at 7:30 on Sunday though.
That was kind of lame.
But we had to open the church since the pastor is out of town for the first time in forever.
I've never "opened" the church. It was cool.
Kevin & I did most of the running of the service.
It went surprisingly well.

9 of us (parents, married friends, Britt's dad who made a bazillion trips back and forth retrieving lost purses!) ate at Pete's Garage. We were all ridiculously impressed with our food.

My head pounded all day.
Despite the 4 ibuprofen and 2 Excedrin Migraines (not all at once.)
This is why I don't stay up past 10 or 11.
But I must say it was worth it.
Such good friends we have.

Kevin told me to sleep in this morning.
I did.
It was glorious.
Even 8:30 was glorious.

We played tennis ball golf when Kevin got home.
It was the best.
Seriously fun.
We might actually get into the real golf thing.
We think we could really enjoy it.
We watched Casablanca. It was as great as Lorelai Gilmore said it was.
You should watch it.

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  1. It is impossible to watch Gilmore Girls and not get obsessed! I watched all 7 seasons the last 2 semesters and I don't know how many times we talked about Rori and Lorelei like they were real people! I feel your pain Melanie.


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