July 9, 2009

The One with the Question of the Day

I've been a lazy bones this week.
Ok, maybe I shouldn't go quite that far.
Maybe I've just been taking it easy.
For once.
Kevin's getting up at 5am now so he can come home earlier. Which is awesome.
Except there is NO reason for me to be up at 5am. 6am was early enough.
But I haven't even set my alarm for 6. or 7. or even 8.
Yesterday I did get out of bed at 7:30.
Today it was 8:25.
Even though I look at the clock at 6:20 and could probably get up there's just not enough motivation.
So here I am. Taking it easy. Just this once.

Today I have to get my butt into gear and pack for a week of Family Camp out at SBC.
Kevin took the week off and we're both pumped to be out there together.

On Tuesday Kevin and I took our BOGO Blizzard coupon to the closet DQ.
We met Ben Lane there.
It was sweet.
Except my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard did not impress me.
I just keep trying other blizzards but none can make my tastebuds as happy at the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
Except maybe the Mint Oreo.
But the Oreo cookie part of that would kind of not be the right choice for my tummy.
I will not turn my back on you again, Mr. Reese's Cup Blizzard.

What is YOUR favorite Blizzard??
You DO love Blizzards, don't you?
Check out this website for your BOGO coupon.


  1. Speaking of a question of the day - My mom said we should make a list of things that we are Thankful for..... and then add something everyday.

  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough is the Blizzard of choice. I had a mud pie Blizzard last night, but it just didn't compare to my good old standby!

  3. Dad, looks like both of us ventured away from our ice cream loves and it failed! Guess we should stick to what we know. :D It's just hard when you're adventurous like we are. lol

  4. and that's a great thought, Britt.

  5. Maybe we will have to reacquaint ourselves with our ice cream loves at Freddie's sometime this week. We'll leave adventure to the wilder ones. :-) See you at camp later today!

  6. I'm a Reese's Cup fan as well. Although, sometimes I do Butterfinger or Oreo.


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