July 29, 2009

The One with the Midnight Rampage

Have I mentioned how much I hate humidity.
In fact, I would go as far as to say I despise it.
The only time I appreciate humidity is when the weather forecast indicates 100% humidity in the form of rain.
And even then, there is a limit to my appreciation.
It's been humid lately.
Not cool. [literally in fact.]
Besides my bodies natural distaste for heat, I believe I was conditioned by my father's dislike for this weather as well.
We would much prefer 60s. Or even 30s.
We like snow.
Though my dad would disagree with me here, I must admit that I do not even enjoy heat in the form of relaxation.
Steam baths.
Hot tubs.
and the like.
I enjoy the warmth for approximately 2.5 minutes.
Then my lungs and my heart and my skin cells are screaming for fresh air.

Last night sucked.
When I went to bed I was under the assumption that the recently fallen rain had begun a cooling affect on the evening.
I was sadly mistaken.
At 12:51am I woke up quite irrate.
I kept this anger to myself so as not to disturb my sleeping husband. [not like I could have if I tried.]
I whipped open the curtains that were blocking what little breeze was blowing.
I marched downstairs to retrieve the fan.
Halfway down the stairs I nearly turned around to grab Kevin from his slumber and pull him to the basement with me where I could sleep in the coolness.
But I refrained from that drastic action and plugged in the fan.
Now I could sleep.
Or not.
The fan was on too high and too direct.
It was drying out my closed eyes. [don't ask me how that works.]
I finally returned to my REM but not without tossing and turning, trying to achieve the correct balance of coolness and warmth.
Out of the covers I was chilled.
Under the covers I was scorching.
Either way my skin was coated in moisture only humidity can bring.
I still managed to sleep.
I just wasn't very happy.

And I love snuggling with Kevin.
I'm a big time snuggler in fact.
But snuggling requires cool temperatures.
Hence, snuggling was forced out of the picture.
Except when his alarm went off at 5am and he asked to cuddle during the snooze time.
Even though I was still roasting, I could not deny such a request.


  1. I on the other hand am sleeping alone these few nights and am enjoying the pleasure of sleeping in my sweatpants, Nicks hoodie nestled comfortably, but alone, nestled beneath a sheet and a comforter!

  2. Living in Texas permits no cuddle time. It's the most disappointing thing ever. Only early early in the morning.


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