June 30, 2009

The One with a Best Friend's Wedding

Brittney & Nick just got their professional wedding pictures and they are gorgeous. Britt and I enjoyed some online conversation this morning while oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over all of them. Some great moments were captured and she said I should post some of my favorites. So here they are for all to enjoy!

jennie, mg, mel, britt, clair, carrie
:::britt & hailey:::

:::groomsmen in converse:::

:::my matron of honor duty:::
clair, dana, britt, carrie, mg, mel
:::during the ceremony:::
mel singing "how beautiful" by twila paris

:::the newlyweds:::

:::celebrating their marriage. and ours:::
:::the newly joined families:::
:::the bridal party:::
kevin, gavin, chris, joe, randy, eric, ross
nick & britt
mel, mg, carrie, mandy, dana, hailey, jennie, clair
:::the guys with the bride:::
proud of my man for the extra support here
:::the girls and the groom:::
:::the girls:::
:::mel & britt:::
:::sharing the love:::
:::excellent air:::
:::two handsome men:::
:::amazing expression:::
:::running away together:::
:::first dance:::


  1. Oh, Canada!! I cannot believe the silly goose is married!! I am so happy.. The pictures are great! Glad you had an awesome time at the wedding..

  2. i *love* the picture of you and kevin.

  3. Dear Melvin! That is an excellent blog - probably one of my favourites!! Now I was ooh-ing and awe-ing all over them with Nicks mom and she seems to think that Kevin and Nick look like they could be brothers.. even more than his actual brother!! Funney Eh!?

  4. I've heard people say that about Nick and Kevin as well...my mom, gma, etc and I've thought it at times too (probably depending on how Nick has his hair!) That's crazy that his mom agrees. :D


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