July 24, 2009

The One with Cloud 9

What a fabulous day!
As Elizabeth deduced from my facebook status I'm pretty much on top of the world.
The status reads: "loving bonus time with my man! baking his fav. molasses cookies. played tennis ball golf. took the car and got a bit of a new hair style."
How great is that?!
So this morning I was ready to do my JM workout but decided the gorgeous weather was beckoning me.
Oh and have I mentioned the wonderful week of sleeping in?!
I always feel a twinge of guilt when I sleep in past 7am (though I'm normally up around 6am).
But then I told myself, "Self, this is probably the only time in your life when you will have the luxury of waking up whenever YOU want."
Thanks to my job, I'm totally flexible and can get my planning and prep work done whenever I want.
For 22 years my schedule was run by my education.
Once we have children my schedule will be run by them. and their education.
And who knows what other jobs I might hold that won't allow such flexibility.
So this week I decided to...get this...NOT set an alarm.
I know! You can't believe Melanie did NOT set an alarm.
But I have loved it.
Woke around 8am every day.
One day did nothing until 9:30am. crazy.

So back to this morning.
I went for a 3 mile run at 8:30.
Then walked for 30 minutes.
Then on my way inside I did what I loathe more than almost any other job.
Weeding. Gardening. Tending to the flower beds. Trimming bushes. and WEEDING.
But it had rained yesterday so I knew now was an optimal time to pull the weeds out by their extraordinary roots.
It took me a hour to work that 8x4 flower bed out front.
I have been despising its poorly maintained appearance.
But I was despising the thought of maintaining it even more.
I pulled enough weeds to fill the box our 22" charcoal grill came in. I couldn't budge it.
But man, does it look better!
Now I just need some colorful flowers to fill in where I pulled out all the "Queen Anne's Lace."

After that I was drenched with sweat and covered in dirt.
I showered.
I helped Britt & Nick find a Walmart along their travel route.
I started a batch of Molasses Sugar Cookies for my husband who has recently declared them his favorite.
Then my cell phone rang.
It was him!
He was coming home at 11:45!
We played tennis ball golf which is way cool. Except that I suck and am totally inconsistent in my swings.
I want to improve.
And actually golf.
Then I took to the car and went to cash in my 5.99 hair cut coupon!
I am loving my new do! I'll have to share a picture sometime. Kevin's loving it too! ;)
Then I bought a gallon of chocolate milk for $1.59 and a gallon of lowfat frozen vanilla yogurt for $2.99 at Kroger.

Now here's my thing about Kroger.
I LOVE that milk is super cheap!
I don't love that the store is totally out of my way.
I don't love that their little yellow "sale" signs are mostly just gimmicks playing on the mindless purchasing of 90% of Americans.
Sure, they're a lower price but most of the time they could be found much cheaper at a store such as...Aldi.
But I won't go into my love affair with Aldi.
Believe me, you don't want me to go there.

Nonetheless I'm so happy with hair.
And the chocolate milk.
And the ice cream.
And Kevin.
And now pizza for dinner!

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