July 10, 2009

The One with Where We're Going to Family Camp

Tonight we leave for family camp and we'll be gone until Thursday.
It should be a great time!
Now, if only we can fit everything into our Civic.
Not even kidding.
Kevin and I are taking our bikes and will use them to take us the 5.5 miles down to Freddie's Freeze.
It's ok to overload on ice cream if you exercise on the way, right?

Last night we watched Chocolat which I had borrowed from the library.
It was superb.
I really really enjoyed it and Kevin liked it too.
I didn't even fall asleep once!
It helped to be eating rocky road ice cream I'm sure.
I can see why Dr. Brewer used it as a movie review choice in Survey of Worldviews.
Our group chose Life is Beautiful.
Also an excellent movie.
Don't let the French keep you from watching.
It's worth reading subtitles.

Now I shall finish packing. Let's hope I don't forget anything too important.
Like my long underwear (since I hate being cold at night).
Or my bathing suit (since I hate being hot anytime).
Or the cooler full of food (since I hate not having food around.)
So you get the picture.

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