June 24, 2009

The One with an Overheated Fish

Biking to the library that is just 3 miles from our home, signing up for library cards, chatting with the librarian, and getting familiar with the quaint book and resource emporium was the best date ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but it was free and it was really super fun. We looked through the movies and then made our way to the 200s where we were informed the Bible commentaries were stored. The 200s are located in a large back room that you might miss if you weren't looking for it. It probably contains more books than the main library itself but is visited only about 1% of the time. This section of non-fiction was by far the coolest section in the library. Kevin and I were reading through the stacks of philosophers and theologians and getting way too excited. We both have a knowledge and a passion for that form of reading and learnination, and he commented that we are probably THE only couple to get this geeked out over that section in the library. Or over the library itself. And we were totally ok with that. We figure, checking out books from the deserted annex of the library will mean we could renew them for years and probably never have someone waiting. :)

Now you may giggle at our unique form of time together. But we both know you're just jealous.

I'm so glad I moved the desktop downstairs. The office is about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the main level which drops down to 75 at night and jumps up to 85 during the day. Thank you, God, for a finished basement. Kevin has been wanting to spend more time down here for quite a while, but I was just not convinced--mostly because I had worked so hard to make the upstairs comfortable and beautiful and homey that I didn't want to be religated to the basement where random furniture items and stereo equipment abounds. However, after spending a couple hours last Friday moving furniture, vacuuming cobwebs and utilizing this vintage leather covered bench that we cleaned up from the garage, I'm rather enjoying myself. It's reminescent of my youth when our family spent many a hot summer day down in the partially finished hodgepodge of a basement. It's fun. And a great way to save money on air conditioning.

Poor Fishy. His water won't cool down. I think he might have to move downstairs with us as well.


  1. Finished basements are so underrated! I'm happy for you and the fact that you have a cool, non-creepy basement!

    And I applaud both of your guys' geekiness! Love it!

  2. your applause has made me *smile*

  3. I think you are geeks. however you kind of geeks are adorable....

  4. Until the last line I thought you were talking about yourself being the overheated Fish. That being your maiden name and all :) Hehe!

    You and Kevin are so darn cute and do the cutest things.

  5. Actually, Jen, I was kind of hoping people would read the title that way! ;)


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