June 4, 2009

The One with the White Fluffs Floating through the Air

This week's weather has been less than ideal, especially after coming home from a hot and steamy Florida.  My perfect day would be sunny with a high 75 (ironically not because of the RK song...).  Today is still is the 60s which is cool with me especially since it's sunny and not at all lame and overcast which tends to make it feel even colder than it is.  Ok, enough of my weather analysis.  

On to something more exciting!  Kevin and I are leaving for Ludington State Park tomorrow in a belated celebration of our 1st year anniversary!  Speaking of which, I forgot to upload this picture which I took from last month's church newsletter.  It was quite an exciting announcement to see for the first time. :D

Like I was saying, camping...Ludington.  It's the one of the most gorgeous areas in Michigan I do believe.  White sandy Lake Michigan beaches like you wouldn't believe.  Or at least you shouldn't believe if you grew up on the gritty shores of Lake Erie.  This will be our first vacation on our own (not visiting so and so) since our honeymoon, and we're really looking forward to relaxing together and enjoying God's handiwork.  

This morning I put together a version of my Grandma Mary's potato salad and I'm hoping to entice the tastebuds of my husband who all but despises mayonaise.  (Sitting between him and Britt at a meal was always entertaining!  She's a mayo loving extraordinaire and I would say I have a healthy respect for the fattening condiment.)  Most things are packed.  I hope.  Camping takes quite a lot of thought and luckily I'm not going into this blind.  Between my family's camping experience and his, we've got most of our bases covered and are looking forward to putting our own spin on this particular form of vacationing. :)  

Ok, so that really wasn't much more exciting than the weather report I opened with, but it's reminded me that I must go finish checking items off my list.  Have a blessed weekend, friends, and if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer or two for our safety as well as for favored weather we'd appreciate it! ;-)

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