June 26, 2009

The One in the Jean Skirt

Kevin wanted to go see Transformers.
So did I.
But we don't like spending obscene amounts of money in theaters.
I did some research.
Found a fairly inexpensive theater 45 min. away.
Remembered I had a gift card for that branch of theaters.
A two year old gift card was finally coming in handy.
You see, the movies we wanted to see were never showing in this particular theater.
Which is why I had a $10 gift card for 2 years.
So Kevin calls at 12:30.
Says he's coming home.
"Yippee," I say.
We head to the $5 matinee and hope this place accepts the gift card.
They do.
We enjoy the movie.
I didn't fall asleep.
For the first time in f o r e v e r. My eyelids refuse to stay open through an entire movie.
But I was awake. and enjoying myself.

Then I made him lemon bars. Because he had a craving.
And because I've been wanting to make them. But haven't
They turned out well. Though a bit more crust than I like.
I will share the recipe sometime.
And try a different one another time.

The temperature dropped.
A little.
The humidity dropped.
A lot.
80 is manageable when you're not swimming in it.

We're getting pumped about our 4th of July Party.
Are you coming?
Cause you totally should!

Fishy is loving his (or her) new home.
The basement.
It allows for better climate control.
He (or she) likes that.

Jillian Michaels should totally be giving me some of her royalties.
I have had at least 6 people ask about it.
And about 5 of them have bought it.
Seriously, JM, pay up.

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  1. I have no desire to work out! I do desire coming to your 4th of July party. Question: did you wear a jean skirt to the movies? We're going tomorrow!!


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