June 11, 2009

The One with the Crazy Rants

So I'm just wondering...has anyone figured out why there is the "me" included in my blog address? Well, besides the fact that adorkable.blogspot.com was already taken...by some teenager who posted once. four years ago. about her lame boyfriend. Geez, I was a bit irritated when I found that out. What a waste of a perfectly good address. And now I see the blog has been eliminated. Lame. Wow, do I ever digress (that is..."get off on crazy soapboxes at times"). So about the whole "adorkable-me" thing. Now, at first glance, you might think I was just referring to myself using a pronoun, when in reality I was referring to my new intials M.E. So I guess I was still referring to myself. Just in a more specific way. Ok, so I can't believe I thought that was worth explaining. Oh well. I'm dealing with it.

I'm also glad to have found out that I am not the only person in the world who does not like running in the rain. I was beginning to feel like a real odd-ball, always hearing people say how much they love it. But I find it to be a bit of dual torture. I mean, here I am, running. That is a form of torture, right? Feet slamming into the asphalt. Knees getting jolted. Heart rate soaring. Breathing becoming a luxury. But it hurts so good right? Right. I'll just keep telling myself that at least. So anyways, here I am torturing myself with an intense form of cardio and then the rains come. I'm already sweating (cause I sweat like you wouldn't believe. unless you've seen me sweat, in which case you would believe it.) and trying to keep the moisture out of my eyes. And the dripping. Oh I cannot stand the dripping feeling all over my body. Thank you rain for adding to my misery. The one time I decided to pump myself up about taking a run during a rainstorm the skies chose to mock me by withholding the water. In any case...another soapbox from which I will step down.

As far as running and walking are concerned, I'm beginning to realize I wish I lived near Jen. She seems to love walking as much as I do and enjoys the same forms of intense exercise as I do (aside from the whole "training for a marathon" thing which I can never see myself doing). Maybe some day I will live by Jen. (Hopefully that place we will live will have lots of sidewalks to allow for safe walking and running. Unlike this crazy road that I risk my life on.) And we will walk and run together. With our babies. Oh wait, that's just her. She and her Kevin have a beautiful little girl. I don't have a baby. But someday I will. I hope. And then we will walk with our babies. The end.


  1. Ummm you are too funny... "I don't have a baby. I will" Tooo funny - you make me laugh girl!!

  2. hey! I thought u were gonna come live by ME?? lol jk..but that would be cooool...love ya~

  3. HEY! Wow-thanks for the entire paragraph about me! I would love to live in close proximity to you and your Kevin-that would be so fun! Perhaps one day we shall run together :)


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