February 15, 2009

The One with the Perfect Day

Our Valentine's Day was the best ever.  We didn't intend on making a big deal out of it, and we didn't, but the day was just perfect.  Kevin was the absolute picture of a man wooing his bride with his words and actions all throughout the day.  My every day Prince was really on his game!  

We left home around 9:15am to get me to my doctor's appointment and Kevin's haircut (very romantic).  (In case you're interested...the doctor thinks I have IBS which doesn't have much of a solution other than over-the-counter meds.  He called for a blood test also to check to Celiac disease and has requested a stool sample to test.  fun... In addition, I mentioned my chronic headaches and that my mom experiences migraines and before I knew it he was prescribing three meds for the migraines.  Yikes!  After consulting with my nurse mother, I went ahead and only picked up one of the prescriptions to start with.  And get this...last night I had one of the worst headaches I'd had in a long time and had left the new medication at home.  That was a kick in the rear.  Never gonna forget the Midrin again.)  Now on to the more enjoyable parts of the day (though it is true love to support me at the doctor's...)

We picked up a shower gift at Kohl's and decided to make a stop at Biggby's  where we used our BOGO coupon.  Kevin had an iced americano with a shot of hazelnut and I couldn't resist a double dark hot chocolate.  We spent a relaxing afternoon at home and around 3:30 left for Ann Arbor.  A few weeks ago we decided on a new Valentine's Day tradition that we both agree was the best idea ever!  Every year, our goal is to try a new pizza place for a Valentine's treat--fun and delicious and a way to celebrate without making a big fuss.  (Our kids will probably love us for this tradition!)  I found Anthony's Gourmet Pizza online and it was the perfect choice.  This place boasts Chicago Style Stuffed Deep Dish and an Anthony's Deep Dish among other specialities.  After putting in our order for an Anthony's Deep Dish with green peppers, pepperoni, and roasted garlic, we relaxed in a comfortable environment and played a few hands of rummy with the cards that were piled in the "activity corner."  It was so much fun.  Our pizza was served in the most casual manner and the manager came out a couple times to check on us and chat.  We finished off a medium!  (I won't tell you who had the most.)  

By 6pm we were on the road for Spring Arbor where we were going to attend the University's production of Phantom.  We had time to kill and figured all our friends would be out for V-day so we hit McD's and each had a small hot fudge sundae while sitting in the big leather chairs.  It topped off a perfect meal.  We were glad to be nearly an hour early for the show because the auditorium lobby was already packed!  We snagged perfect seats for us and Britt & Nick and her family.  It was great seeing our friends and our Canadian mom and dad again!  The show was fantastic!  I was so thrilled with the performance.  I was exhausted and still headache-y by 10:45pm when the show let out so we hit the road rather quickly.  After swinging by the gas station for a caffeine boost, we made the seemingly long drive with good conversation and hit the sack within minutes of pulling in the driveway.  

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