February 4, 2009

The One with the Five Swimming Pools We Didn't Even Visit

Right now I'm annoyed.  Annoyed at ABC Family.  You see, this summer I started watching Gilmore Girls every afternoon at 5pm.  I had seen random orders of episodes during last school year as all of the girls in my house were big fans.  So when I found the show on daily I enjoyed watching the unfolding of events in chronological order.  Now there seems to be no problem with all of this.  And there isn't.  The problem began about 2 months ago when, just the day before I had been watching the first episode of season 6, the tv station suddenly decided to start all over again.  *sigh*SIGH*  I have not stopped watching the show though I am on round two of viewing.  They are just that good.  But still...the torture of not knowing what happens in the final seasons is just grating.  

*steps off soapbox*

On a much more mature note...Kevin and I headed out the door for Frankenmuth at 6:45am on Tuesday morning.  We made it to this quaint, intriguing, and quite unique tourist town by 8:20am leaving me with plenty of time to set up to lead worship with Pastor Dale at the 9:15am service.  It was a blessing to be able to join together with all the other conference pastors and spouses for a time of challenge, fellowship, and relaxation.  I was able to catch up with good friends, meet knew ones and become "real" friends with one of my blogger friends, Emily.  Kevin and I were a bit out of the loop for the morning session as the whole focus of the discussion and message by Dr. MoJo (Robert Moore-Jumonville from SAU) was based off the movie Groundhog Day which the whole group had watched the night before.  Oh well.  We had a great lunch all together then Kevin and I did some shopping and touring of the local area.  We stopped in Bronner's--the world's largest Christmas store which is fully operational 361 days of the year--and I had a little field day in the Kitchen Collection outlet store at the Birch Run Outlet Mall.  Some day we will need to spend an entire day exploring all of the stores at one of the most expansive outlet malls I've ever seen.  

For dinner the group gathered together for a delicious meal (during which I did not stuff myself...always proud of the little victories...).  Dr. MoJo sat next to Kevin and I and boy was that ever God-ordained.  He was such a blessing to talk with and catch up with (as he was a prof in my Phi/Rel dept) and he got my wheels cranking once again.  Spring Arbor offers a Master's in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (MSFL) and ever since the day it was established I desired to enroll.  Though I'm not sure it's financially feasible at this moment in time, it's a definite hope for the future (possibly if we would move back to the SA area for Kevin to start teaching.)  Not only that, but MoJo was definitely passionate about the possibility of both Kevin and myself one day teaching at the university.  Dr. Brewer (and others) have been encouraging me in that direction.  It should be interesting to see with the Lord leads me (and us) in the future.  

The final two group sessions at the retreat were quite transforming for my personal life.  I pray that my heart will be permanently changed and continue with the desires and the motivations that rose up these past two days.  

Kevin had to do even more driving this afternoon as he had a cume at 7pm on campus.  I have a quiet evening ahead of me and look forward to deciding on dinner.  Why is it that food is such a difficult decision for me?  


  1. A) I am incredibly jealous that you were in Frankenmuth! It is by far, one of my favorite places on the face of this Earth.

    B) Don't you just LOVE Bronner's? It's absolutely beautiful this time of year... refer to point "a" about jealousy!

    C) I will praying for both you and Kevin as you guys discuss the possibility of coming back for a Master's and even perhaps teaching!

    I hope you enjoyed Frankenmuth! (Next time you go, try the little restaurant Zehnder's :: I think that's how you spell it..:: anyway, it is one of my favorite places to eat!

  2. What about the pools?

    The word I have to type in is "mulam." I thought it said "mulan" at first and I was super pumped. I guess mulam is alright though.

  3. The Bavarian Inn boasts 5 swimming pools and we didn't use any of them.

  4. man if we were closer, I would let you borrow the 7th season of Gills... :/ love you!


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