February 6, 2009

The One before Camp

In a couple hours I'll be driving a couple of our teens and myself to SBC for Senior Teen Winter Retreat.  I've not been a "counselor" since 2005 so that's weirding me out a little.  I'm not sure if I'm going to have more than just my girls in my "cabin."  I love being out there.  I hate when Kevin can't be there with me.  It just doesn't feel right.  I know it'll be a great time for probably more reasons that I can count.  It always works that way.  I hate that I'm going to be gone from him all weekend..."our" time together.  I hope the weather cooperates.  I wonder if I'll get to use my ice skates?  Will it be warm enough Saturday morning to head out for a run (now that my muscles are no longer screaming after their most reason running experience).  I'm weird.  Why do I still get butterflies like this?  I'm a grown up aren't I?  I'm also a worry wort though.  Why in the world am I confessing all this?  *sigh*

You just wait.  In 3 days or so I'll come back with a beaming report of our time at the retreat.  Just you wait.  

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  1. I know you will!!

    I think we're still adjusting to being grown up - its hard and it sucks sometimes. We've spent the last 20+ years not being grown up so our experience at the real thing is little.....

    Thats my thots.


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