February 26, 2009

The One with the Cakes

My apologies for my lack of postage (not the of stamp genre...) I guess I have been distracted with reading other intriguing blogs, facebooking, researching Celiac, orchestrating multiple events for youth group, baking cakes and other delicacies I can no longer eat (for more info click here), and spending lots of qt with my groom.  

On the diseased insides front.  I have an appt with the GI in a couple weeks and until then I am to stay off of "bread products" according my general doctor.  He gave no specific information on the Celiac diet so if I were stupid or computer illiterate I would be no where close to following the gluten-free diet.  However, I thought I should lunge headfirst into this to see if it has positive effects.  (For an insanely long list of the ingredients that are unsafe for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease click here)  Surprisingly enough, I think it's working.  I have had a day or when when I "snuck" a bite of something with gluten and was quickly reminded of its affects.  My stomach would growl, I would feel nauseated, and...well...I won't go there.  But all that to say, I'm thinking this might be for real, folks.  I have been bummed about life without my life affair with carbs but I'm getting over that.  I know there are plenty of delicious and even more nutritious options.  And I think this might be God's way of completely eliminating one of my temptations.  

Well, I feel better now that I've posted.  I must keep reading the most intriguing book of the Twilight series:  Breaking Dawn.  

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  1. Mel,
    I recently saw gluten-free products at Basic Ingredients and thought of you dearest. Did you know they make gluten-free pizza crust? There still may be hope!
    Love you & praying for you!


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