February 11, 2009

The One where the Rains Came Down

For some reason I thought I had already updated the blog, only to find that I was mistaken.  I think I spent so much time changing the look that I got lost in the creativity and forgot about the writing.  Oh well.

I think I'm finally back to "normal." (Laugh if you know that's a relative term...)  It's nice to not have to think of how my stomach will react to certain foods or if my body can handle a certain amount of physical exertion.  I went on a walk yesterday and was actually a bit shaky for the remainder of the day.  Every inch of my body was sore yesterday as well, and I was not looking forward to dealing with that ache for another day.  To my surprise, this morning I woke up feeling like a new woman.  I fixed a nice pancake breakfast for my husband and I before he left for work, and once I was convinced my body was truly healthy I hopped on the ellipse.  I had been hoping for an outside run (more like a jog...but whatever) as I was excited to see the grass once again, but the rain was absolutely pouring and the thought of being drenched didn't really appeal.  Anyways...the workout felt great and had no ill effects.

After a nice warm shower, I dressed (in real clothes for the first time since Sunday) and set to work on mini whole wheat loaves of bread for a church baking order and a batch of peanut butter cookies.  I made the cookies for two reasons.  1)  I'm freezing them until they can be sold at the church rummage sale on the 21st and 22nd.  and 2) I couldn't remember the last time I had made peanut butter cookies and thought it was about time to rectify that.  Both the bread and the cookies turned out perfectly.

I managed to do a load of laundry, re-make our bed (with a "new"/different comforter on for a fresh change), head to the church for some miscellaneous duties, and grab lunch just before Kevin pulled in around 2pm.  I heart Wednesdays...when he has the option of leaving after his last class instead of staying till 5 or 6. =)

It's been pouring here all day and there have been a non-stop flood warning for our county.  I've not really been concerned--just enjoying the grass and the change in weather that I hadn't even realized I missed.  At 5pm the gentleman who ordered the whole wheat bread stopped by to pick up the loaves and decided to check on our basement sump pumps at the same time.  With all the flooding he wanted to be certain our basement didn't become victim to the waters.  After a few minutes of the three of us (well I wasn't actually "involved"...more like "supporting") examining the pipes, suddenly we were all showered by a small explosion of water that burst from a broken pipe.  Yikes!  Kevin and I had to monitor the water pumpage while Larry ran to pick up new pipes so we could restore order to the home.  We were so thankful for God's timing tonight...even if it did delay dinner a few minutes. :)  

I'm looking forward to more relaxing hours with my love this evening.  

"The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock."  Mt. 7:25


  1. Love the new look! And my, my, my peanut butter cookies do sound wonderful! I'm making applesauce tomorrow, so I may make the cookies too :)

  2. P.S. Her actual due date is March 4th.


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