February 16, 2009

The One to Satisfy the Current Facebook Phenomenon

25 Random Facts about Moi
  1. I love taking naps, but I hate waking up from them.
  2. I love watching FRIENDS with friends.
  3. I watch the Food Network more than any other television station.
  4. I can't imagine life without music but I can't pinpoint my favorite genre.  I love worship, classical, old school CCM, jazz, rock, and more.
  5. I hate going a day without working out and I really miss having free access to a gym.
  6. I love driving our stick shift '98 civic.
  7. I have suffered from chronic headaches since I was in elementary school.
  8. Oftentimes I let my emotions get the best of me.  
  9. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks but I only eat it at night.  while watching a favorite show.
  10. It is physically impossible for me to walk slowly.
  11. I am currently reading multiple books:  Eclipse, Seven Checkpoints for Youth Ministry, Jesus Calling, and Mere Christianity. 
  12. I love working in the kitchen.  My skills have improved exponentially since this past summer.  Some of my specialities include chocolate chip cookies, sourdough or wheat or banana bread, and brownies.  I am willing to try any recipe at least once!  Kevin loves my hobby.
  13. I don't at all mind spending days at home in peace and quiet--in fact I quite enjoy personal time. 
  14. Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip is the best ice cream in the world!  Actually, I love ALL ice cream.
  15. My water bottle like an extension of my body.
  16. I am a salad connoiseur. 
  17. No matter how much I moisturize my hands are always dry in cold weather.
  18. I really enjoy the opportunity to share my relationship experiences with those who ask.
  19. I am an information sponge--reading every word on flyers, magazines, bulletins, books, and more.
  20. Even if I've been in a restaurant multiple times I still have to ask the waitress to come back later to take my order.  My decision making skills are somewhat sluggish.
  21. I do not consider myself athletic in the least, but I love downhill skiing and ultimate frisbee despite how ridiculous I may look. 
  22. I was completely technologically illiterate until college. I had no idea what instant messaging was, I didn't have an email address, and I was one of the only students that didn't have a personal computer.
  23. I thrive on words of encouragement and I love finding ways to encourage others.
  24. I am absolutely positively forever head over heels in love with my husband, Kevin Michael Eccles.
  25. I am finally beginning to understand the meaning of abiding with my Lord--to be constantly aware of his presence and involvement in every moment of my day.     

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