February 22, 2009

The One with MORE Snow

Gosh, it's been a while.  I keep meaning to sit down and add another entry but for some reason I haven't been able to get around to it.  Thursday afternoon I helped set up for the church rummage sale and came home with a box full of goodies for only $4 (for more details on the contents of the box click here.)  Later that day when Kevin & I went over to the church for worship team practice we decided on a few more items during our private tour of the rummage sale.  For a grand total of $22 we came home with a nearly-new upholstered office chair (for Kevin's desk) and two lovely formal sitting chairs for our living room (they have dark wooden legs and low, horseshoe shaped back and arms.  Their deep maroon/navy striped fabric goes well with our maroon leather recliner and our couch.)  

Friday was a nice day at home for me.  I cleaned this and that, organized hear and there, baked a beautiful apple pie (pictured here) to take to dinner at the Eccles, read a few pages of Breaking Dawn, and who knows what else.  The only negative part of the day was my fifth migraine of the week.  fifth?!  Honestly, that's just ridiculous.  Due to my pain, we opted to postpone our steak and potatoes dinner for Sunday afternoon when I could fully enjoy it.  I did manage to start feeling a bit better around 8pm and we watched The Terminal--one of the new movies given to us on Thursday from one of the ladies in worship team.  Speaking of which, I am so excited about the widened selection of romantic comedies we now own.  I haven't seen all these movies and I'm not a huge fan of a couple of them, but there's a handful that I've been wanting for quite some time.  We were given:  13 Going On 30, 50 First Dates, A Cinderella Story, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Miss Congeniality 2, Monster-in-Law, The Perfect Man, Seabiscuit, and The Terminal.  Not bad for free!

Saturday morning we headed to the doctor's office for the second week in a row and found out that he's fairly convinced I have Celiac Disease.  The results of my blood test are strong indicators of the disease but he has referred to a gastroenterologist for a second opinion and a possible scope.  So.........it looks like I'll be saying, "Bye, bye gluten.....It was a bittersweet relationship we had.  Thanks for your deliciousness.  No thanks for your side effects.  Have a nice life without me."  (I'll keep you posted on this unfolding story.)

After the appointment, we did some quick grocery shopping (buying lots of fruit for me to eat), helped the church men move the piano and organ off the stage, and headed for SA around 11:45am.  After a snowy drive and a stop at Wendy's (grilled chicken salad for me...) we arrived at the Eccles' around 1:45.  I waved out of the car as Kevin went inside and I drove myself through the treacherous country roads to the home where Ruth's bridal shower was.  It was a small gathering due to the inclimate weather, but we had a really wonderful time together.  I got back to the family at 4:30 only to find out that we owed $230 on our taxes.  But the good news was we were getting $1300 back!!  Woot!  We celebrated with a great dinner topped off with my apple pie and of course wonderful conversation along the way.

We headed for home at 8:30 with Brian in tow.  The three of us had quite a fun car ride home despite the road conditions, and went to bed fairly shortly after getting back.  This morning, it's off to church after a great breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs for the guys and a veggie stuffed omelet and banana for moi. :D  

God bless our day of worship.


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