February 9, 2009

The One that's Sick

So the weekend was great.  Before 4:00pm on Sunday that is.  Let's just say that 4 hours of vomitting and...other...things.... in addition to severe stomach pains sends you to the Emergency Room.  I'm so thankful for the quick service there.  I'm also eternally grateful for my husband who was more than willing to comfort me and stand by my side through all the horror of this--gastroenteritis.  The meds they gave me have really helped soothe my stomach and I slept through the night after we crashed into bed at 11pm.  We'll see how I hold up today.  At this point I'm able to hold down water (which was something I couldn't say before.  I would be hugging the toilet within 1 minute of a sip of water.)  I'm really sore.  Which tends to happen after one of my full-body-vomitting episodes (and the runs I went on this weekend probably just add to the pain).  Anyways...I'll stop there before I get too graphic.  Thanks for praying. 


  1. Wooo . . . that sounds exactly like us, minus the ER visit. Cramps that made you double over and water came up almost as fast as it went down . . . not fun.

    Sorry if you caught it from us . . . :(

    Hopefully you're feeling a little better. The nice thing for us is that it lasted less than 24 hours.

  2. OOOH my poor Melvin!!! I'll pray for you!

  3. =( I hope you feel better MEL!!!


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