May 28, 2011

The One with Lovely Saturday Morning

1. A fast paced six mile bike ride with Kevin, and hearing Jillian Michaels shouting, "Finish Strong" in my head.
2. Stopped at a garage sale with Kevin.
3. Bought Schwinn Spinning Bike for $30. It's a pretty compact exercise machine we're *hoping* to use during the New York winter.  
4. Had brunch
5. Mopped the kitchen & cleaned Schwinn. How does that floor get SO dirty SO fast???
6. Went in search of another advertised garage sale. It was non-existent. Grr.
7. Swept the front walk. 
8. Hacked away at the overgrown ornamental (if it can even be called that) tree & bush in the front flower garden.
9. Cleaned up tables in the garage for our impending garage sale
10. Felt the muscles tingling in my forearms from the tree-hacking. 
11. Hammered our house numbers securely back in place. 
12. Broke the first number of our house numbers right in half. 
13. Watched The Magic School Bus with Kevin. 
14. Thoroughly enjoyed and even learned a thing a two from Ms. Frizzle. 
15. Oh, and sleeping in until 7:57am! 

Lovely indeed!


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  1. Nick watched the Magic School Bus yesterday too!!!


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