June 1, 2011

The One with the a HOT Christmas

Originally written yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me sign in to my own account, so it's late. And I'm annoyed.

Today it looked like Christmas in our spare bedroom. No, not just because the carpet is bright red. And no, not because I'm preparing for Christmas in July. I don't do Christmas in July. In fact, I don't do anything in July because if I move, I might start sweating, and we all know how much I hate sweating.*

*That's a little bit of a lie. I do lots of things in July. I'm only dreaming about not sweating.

The Christmas season entered our red carpet room* because it was time to take down our Christmas tree. You may remember me discussing my five minute-insta-Christmas? Well, for the past 3 holiday seasons, I've been spoiled to have a spare bedroom with a deep, deep closet, big enough for fitting our entire Christmas tree--lights, ornaments, and all. It's been amazing.

*shout-out to my Gram's old house and the infamous and aptly-named "Red Carpet Room."

But alas, the time has come to pack things away. Our years spent in this house are quickly coming to an end, and rather than save all of the packing for the week before our move, I thought I'd give myself a head start. And I figured it would be safe to start with the Christmas decorations.

Thus, I spent over 3 and a half hours this morning going through the three big totes of Christmas decorations, separating items into garage sale pile, keep forever pile, and "no one should ever own this ever again" pile. Then I took each ornament off the tree, untangled all of those blasted ornament hangers only to have them tangle up instantly, and wrapped the pretty white string of lights carefully around a piece of cardboard. There are two boxes of "must haves" and a tote filled with items I want to keep and use, but may not have room for in our new apartment.

It was an morning of accomplishing things I've been putting off for months. It felt good.


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  1. Great job! I always love that feeling of "whew - it's done!"


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