May 4, 2011

The One with the First of Four Fillings

You may remember how upset totally embarrassed I was to discover I had FOUR cavities after not seeing a dentist for 3 years. Today was the dreaded appointment. The first of two that is. Not that I was scared at all. I really wasn't. It was just a severe inconvenience and a bit of a frustrating way to spend our money. 

After a really late (for me) night last night, I had to wake up bright and early this morning to see my lifelong dentist. He really is great, I must admit. He's been taking care of me since I was a toddler. THAT'S good hometown service, right there. 

The assistant (who has also been working on my teeth for 20+ years) applied Orajel to my gums to numb it up a bit before the Novocaine injections--my LEAST favorite part. Those suckers HURT. Pinch pinch pinch. Sting. Sting. Sting. 

After I was good and numb, the Dr. Seymour went to work. Drill drill drill. Tooth enamel and spit was flying all over the place. My tongue was completely dried out from the vacuum in my mouth. Suddenly I had a dire need to swallow. Was I feeling the procedure or was my jaw just getting really sore and tired from keeping itself pried open? What in the world are all of those 10 inch long metal tools he's passing back and forth, back and forth every 15 seconds? Is this almost over? I'm getting a bit tense. 

Huge ring clamps were screwed tightly around the filled teeth and the dentist continued to poke and prod (very gently, I must say), ensuring everything was just right. Finally, 40 minutes later, I was done. The left side of my lip was completely useless. Kevin made fun of my face for the entire three hours that I looked like a stroke victim. 

And then, on the three hour ride home, the ache started. It was deep within the tooth--nothing on the surface pointed to pain. But I was hurting nonetheless. A couple Tylenol and one cat-cuddling-nap later, I felt much better. 

I did get to talk to one of my lifelong best friends though, who is a receptionist at the office. That totally made it better. And she didn't even judge my saggy face and swollen tongue. 


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  1. I hate the dentist - that is what Nick is getting for his birthday... yeah.. that and new glasses... eventually. We don't really have the money for either.


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